Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look At Those Teeth!

I have to admit...yesterday's post is pretty hard to follow. I mean...I had celebrities commenting on my blog!! How cool is that? But what better way to follow a post like that then with a picture of the little peanut that makes motherhood so worth it :-)
As you can see, Addie is feeling MUCH better after her week of the sickies. We still have a stuffy nose but I think that has a lot to do with her teeth. And speaking of which...would ya look at those things! I posted a while back about how her top teeth were not breaking through in order and just as I suspected...she looks like a little vampire now. I guess she will just have to be a vampire/cheerleader for Halloween. We can just call her Buffy :-)

P.S. Auntie M...do you like the Calvin Klein sweatsuit she is wearing? I wonder who bought her that??


  1. She's adorable! And, congrats on the awesome post yesterday and they uber-cool comments!!! Go Girl! xoxo

  2. I hate teething. Julia is getting her two top in right now and I am hoping when we wake up they are out--as in all the way out.

    Great post yesterday! I totally agree about the mom thing. I love being a SAHM but I don't like the day after day annoying things. If I could just sit with my girls and have a personal house cleaner/cook everything would be great!

  3. She looks like a baby fashion model in her velvet Calvin Klein outfit! I am glad she is getting use of it! I can't believe her teethers!!! So cute!

  4. Nina - Thanks babe!!
    Kelly - I hear ya...if I had a cook/housekeeper...I would be the best, HAPPIEST mama on the planet :-) Maybe we could ask santa for one of those? I wish we lived closer :-(
    Auntie M - I love that sweatsuit! When you bought it for her she was just a teeny peanut and now she is such a big girl! I remember thinking it looked so big and now she is wearing it!!! Where does the time go??


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