Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look Out Rufus...There's a New Doggie In Town!

When we were at my inlaws house the other day, Grandma decided to pull out one of Daddy's old toys...his Pound Puppy! Does anyone remember Pound Puppies? I know I do! I had a couple of them. I even carried one with me to school for a while (don't worry...I had the mini pound puppy that fit in my backpack). I am not sure what happened to all my old stuffed animals...I think my dad might have tossed them during one of his cleaning rampages while I was away at college. Anyway, Addie was ALL about Nanuk (that's what Eric named him when he was little). She kissed him and hugged him just like she does with Rufus. Addie is definitely becoming a dog lover. And now that she is crawling, she has been even more interested in real doggies because she can chase them. Look out're next!

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