Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Japanese Tree

When Eric and I moved into our house last year, we realized there was a TON of landscape work to be done. The people who owned the house before us sort of let things go. There were tons of dead bushes and plants that needed to be pulled or trimmed down. Eric couldn't wait to break out his electric trimmer and start the destruction. But while Eric was on his destructive rampage pulling bushes out of the ground with his truck, he almost pulled my favorite tree! He calls it my "Japanese Tree" because it looks like...well...a Japanese Tree. He thought it was in an awkward location and wanted to pull it out with the rest of the old stuff. But at the time, I was a tired, pregnant, hormonal woman who he did NOT want to mess with. So when I said I wanted to keep the tree...he let me keep the tree. And I am so glad he did because it is honestly the most beautiful tree in our whole yard! Just look at it! Right now it is a shade of almost every fall color and I just can't stop looking out the window at it. Even Addie looked out the window with me today. I mean seriously...can you believe Eric wanted to rip this out of the ground with his truck? Silly boy.

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