Monday, October 20, 2008

Product Review: The Perfect Gate for Wide Openings

Now that Addie is crawling and into EVERYTHING, I decided it was time to corral her in a centralized location so that I don't have to chase her around the house all day. My family room seemed like the obvious choice because it was easy to gate off. However, after noticing Addie's desire to climb the fireplace repeatedly, I figured the living room might be a little safer. The hard part about this room is the large opening. I searched everywhere for the perfect wide opening gate and luckily...I found just what I was looking for. We bought the Sure and Secure Custom Fit Gate by Summer Infant and I absolutely LOVE it. This is pretty much the only wide opening gate that extends up to 12 feet! It does have to be mounted into the wall, but it only takes a few small screws. What I love most about this gate is that it has a swing door so that you don't have to climb over it every time you need to go into the room. Climbing over gates isn't a big deal until you try to do it early in the morning. I don't think I need to go there :-) Anyway, now that I finally got the gate installed, Addie has a fabulous play area that's big enough for her to crawl and climb around in. As you can see, she lives climbing the gate :-) I love that I only have one room full of toys now, instead of finding them all over the house. I also feel safe enough to run to the bathroom or throw in a load of laundry without being worried that she is banging her head against the glass fireplace doors :-) The link above will take you to The Right Start website where you can purchase this gate. You get free shipping for $100 or over orders. But if you would rather buy the gate in person, I found ours at Babies R Us for a pretty reasonable price with a coupon. 

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  1. Hmmm definitely gonna need this gate for the new house! I tagged you on my blog.


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