Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seriously...How Talented is My Mom?

The little sweater dress Addie is wearing in this picture is one of my mom's latest knitting projects. If you disregard the drool...isn't it one of the cutest sweater dresses you have seen this season? Baby Gap has nothin' on my mama. Addison is so spoiled to have a grandma who spends all of her free time knitting handmade hats, sweaters, name it! I tell my mom all the time that she needs to sell these things and she always says to me "if I had the time to knit for babies other than Addison, I certainly would." That is the hard part about is so time consuming! And for a full-time working grandma, time is precious. But if you would like to keep up on my mom's latest projects (or offer to buy one form her) be sure to visit her blog. Thanks for another cute gift grams! You're the best :-)

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  1. OK so cute, and that shrug sge made... I want one! How much would it cost me? I'm being totally serious :)


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