Thursday, October 9, 2008

SIU...Here We Come!!!

Well...I have a pretty big task ahead of me today. I have to pack for not only myself, but also a 7-month-old baby. I can't believe how much stuff one little baby needs for a weekend trip. I almost lost a finger this morning trying to figure out how to break down and set up her pack-n-play. Damn the Comfort Inn for not having a crib!!!! I was able to do a little packing yesterday and I already have 3 bags sitting by the door...and those are just for Addison! I have never been a very good packer. Even though I try to plan each outfit so that I am not taking extra, I always get to my destination and wish I had packed an extra pair of jeans or a different shirt. So I tend to overcompensate by bringing half my closet. Better safe than sorry!
But this time, I am trying really hard to be more strategic about what I want to take, especially since I am only going to be gone one weekend. I already know that Saturday will be SIU apparel day. As you can see, Addie has her outfit all picked out. But since you couldn't pay me enough to wear my old spandex dance team outfit, I am opting for an SIU tee and jeans. I also have to remember to pack my Baby Bjorn carrier. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meg bought it for me for my shower and I think Ryan is secretly excited to get to carry Addie around in it this weekend. And that's fine with me! I else will I be able to hold her, a hotdog AND a beer at the tailgate? Just kidding. Okay...maybe I'm not.
Anyway, I suppose I should get to my packing instead of sitting here blogging all day. I might not have the opportunity to post this weekend with all the homecoming activities we have on our agenda, but I promise to post a very exciting recap of the weekend when we get back on Sunday! Until then, say a little prayer that Addie learns how to fall asleep in her car seat again. Otherwise, it is going to be a long 5 hour drive. we come!!!


  1. We CANNOT wait for you to get here!!! YAY! I'll start the prayer chain! GO Dawgs!

  2. Can't wait to see you guys either! Woohoo!

  3. I am counting down the minutes till you get here!!! Drive safe and I can't wait to squeeze lil Miss A! Call me on your way down tomorrow. What time are you leaving? I don't work on Friday's so let me know when you'll be here! I'll come see you asap!

  4. Ok I'm so sad... I will miss you guys sooo much!!! Have so much fin and think of my dumb arse running 26.2 miles.


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