Friday, October 24, 2008

Well...It's A Tie

I appreciate everyone's help in making my decision for the perfect advent calendar to start my Christmas tradition with Addie. Unfortunately, it was a tie and I am still at square one. Just my luck :-) But I did give it some thought last night and I think I am going with the Land of Nod calendar (despite the friend who said I was a silly mama for buying it :-). I chose this calendar for 3 reasons. 1) It is a more reasonable size and I won't have to dedicate an entire wall to it. 2) The removable pockets are cute and it makes the countdown more obvious and 3) Free Shipping! just can't beat free shipping. Land of Nod is always very good about offering deals like that. So while I was browsing around the Free Shipping section , I found a really great stocking stuffer for babies! They are Trumpet Christmas socks and you can get them in Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. SO CUTE! And at only $5.95 (plus free shipping), how can you beat it!!! Anyway, thanks for all the help friends!


  1. i didn't vote before, but here's a primary teacher suggestion, too.
    when she's a bit older, you can make a paper chain and have her pull off a link each day. then she will have the visual of the time getting shorter and shorter.
    of course, you could do this for anything...birthdays, etc .
    auntie lynne who put the first pair of coach sunglasses on addie's face. he he

  2. Between you introducing her to Coach, my mom introducing her to Baby Gap and my brother introducing her to Tiffany & Co....I am going to have one pampered diva on my hands :-)
    Thanks for the link idea though! That is very cute :-)


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