Sunday, November 30, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I'll admit...this is probably ElfYourself overkill. But in order to include everyone in my family (including the doggies), I needed to make 4 separate videos. But hey...if you are bored...these are hilarious :-) Happy viewing!
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The Snow is Coming!

That's right folks...our first snow storm of the season is on its way! I have been watching the weather channel all morning and it looks like we will get anywhere from 3-8 inches, depending on temperature and lake effect snow. I know that about 95% of the people living in Chicago right now are not happy to hear this forecast, but because I am really looking forward to a white Christmas this year...I say bring it on!!! I love snow in the month of December but once January is here...I am over it. But for now, I can't wait to see the ground and trees all covered in white! Plus, I am so excited to bundle Addie up in her little snow suit and take her outside to make her first snow angel! When my brothers and I were growing up, we were out in the snow ALL the time. My Dad always had the sleds and snowmobiles ready to go for us as soon as the first snowflake hit the ground. Eric loves being outside too, which means I am in for many winters of sledding and winter-time fun with him and the kids. Now that I am older, I would actually prefer to sit in my parents house (see pic above) and drink coffee with my  mom while we watch the guys and the kids from the window :-) But who knows, maybe once I see that first snowflake and Addie in her little pink snowsuit, the kid in me will want to go out and play. I will keep you posted on that one :-) Lets go Old Man Winter...give us your best shot today!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Baby Go!

Looking for a great toy for babies who LOVE to crawl and pull themselves up on things? If need to check out the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle. When we were over at cousin Audrey's house last week, all the babies huddled around this one toy. We couldn't get them away from it! And with so much going on, they were all entertained at the same time, instead of fighting over one toy. I have searched around and it seems like Toys-R-Us and Amazon have the best prices to buy it new. However, eBay and Amazon always have great deals on used toys too. After seeing how long this toy entertained Addie, Audrey and Nia the other day, I hope Santa has this on his list ;-)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day: Part II

Well...Turkey Day: Part II was a success! We had two DELICIOUS turkeys: one prepared and oven-cooked by my sister-in-law Diana and one deep fried by my darling hubby. Both turkeys turned out perfectly (see for yourself in the pic). We also had TONS of other yummy sides. I honestly can't get enough of Thanksgiving food. Between my mom's veggie/cheese casserole, my mother-in-laws sweet potatoes, and my grandma's cranberry cups...I don't know how I even had room for dessert! But as you can see, we had PLENTY of desserts thanks to a marathon bake session between Diana and my Dad on Friday. I contributed the pumpkin trifle...but didn't quite get to it after eating a slice of pie, 2 or 8 cream puffs AND a taffy apple. I seriously gained all my baby weight back yesterday. Oh was SO worth it! I think Addie would agree. She had her first Thanksgiving feast yesterday and she loved everything she tried. I think the cranberries were her favorite though :-) 
Overall, I would say this was the best Thanksgiving ever! No family drama, no emotional breakdowns, no kitchen fires, no name-calling (except for when I called Eric a jerk off when he wouldn't smile for a picture) and best of tantrums! Addie was such a good girl yesterday and it was SO much fun watching her eat her first turkey dinner...even if it was all mashed and pureed :-) It was a fantastic Turkey Day at the Davis household. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Now...bring on Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things To Be Thankful For This Turkey Day

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would list some of the things I am most thankful for this year. I tried very hard to keep this list short and sweet, but it was tough because God has given Eric and I SO much to be thankful for. So I guess that is where we should start...with the one thing we are most thankful for...our baby girl Addie. 


I am thankful for my darling Addie because she has added to our already wonderful family in so many ways. And I am thankful for my husband, who does everything he can to make me happy, for my Mom and Dad, who go out of their way for me every single day, for my brothers, who I can always count on when I need help, for my mother and father-in-law who care about me like I am their own daughter, for my sister-in-laws, who are so close to me they feel like real sisters, for my brother-in-law, who always makes me laugh, for my beautiful niece, who always warms my heart, for my aunts and uncles who always treat me like one of their own, and for my grandma, who is always there to teach me. My family means the world to me and I am so thankful to have each and every one of them.


The funny thing is, so many of my family members fall into the "friends" category. I talk more to my mom than I do any friend I have ever had. I go to her for everything and she is always there to listen. I also talk to my sister-in-law Dana every single day. I guess it comes as no surprise though, since her and I started out as friends and then became family. We are always there for each other and it is so wonderful to have her in my life. I am thankful for all of my friends: the friends I get to see on a regular basis, the friends I only get to see 2-3 times a year, the friends that I have never met in person but write to almost every day, the old friends that have made their way back into my life, the old friends that I still hope to connect with some day and all the other friends that have touched my life in some way this year. And of course, how could I forget to be thankful for all of my new blogging friends :-)


I truly believe that home is where the heart is and to have such a warm, cozy, beautiful space to call my home is a true blessing. Eric and I are so fortunate to have a roof over our head and food in our pantry...especially in times like these. We can provide for our baby and that alone is something we should never take for granted.


One of my favorite movies of all time is "Love Actually". In the beginning of the movie, Hugh Grant explains how love actually is all around us...even if we don't notice it all the time. And I think we are all guilty of not noticing it. We get wrapped up in all the negative energy in the world. We find ourselves complaining about gas prices, the election, the stock market, the war, crime, etc. We complain about how slow the checker was at the grocery store, how fast the man in the next lane is driving, how rude the waitress was at Chilies, etc. We get frustrated with our husbands, children, family and friends. And if we would stop for just one minute to remember all of the things we should be thankful for, maybe we would let go of some of that negativity and notice for ourselves that love actually IS all around us. And if we can't do this during the holidays...when can we? So that is what I will be most thankful for this year...all the love that is in my life.

Well there you have it...a little list of the things I am thankful for this Turkey Day. I could have made a list a mile long, but I thought I would list the things that are most important to me. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so between that and all the eating...I am not sure i will have time to post tomorrow. But I promise to give the Turkey Day: Part II recap on Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yes...That Is A Christmas Tree

I have a confession to make. My Christmas decorations have been up for over a week now. I KNOW! I know Thanksgiving is still a few days away but I couldn't help myself. The Lite started playing Christmas music and Eric actually had the weekend off so I just thought hey...why not set up one of the trees? But then it turned into us setting up both trees, hanging the stockings, and putting up all the other decorations. We don't have our outside lights up yet, but I know those will be a project for this weekend. I wasn't even going to make this confession because I didn't want anyone to think I was nuts. But...after a few observant friends and family members saw the Christmas tree in the background of my Thanksgiving pictures...I figured I had better come clean. And honestly...I am so excited to show pictures of my trees and new fireplace! I LOVE decorating for the holidays! And before you send me e-mails or make comments about my large tree...the answer is yes...those are wrapped Christmas presents under the tree. I started early this year so that I am not stressed and running through the mall with an antsy baby a week before Christmas. Plus, I bought some really cute wrapping paper at the end of the season last year and I have been dying to use it. So there you go...the Davis Family Christmas is Underway!! Stay tuned for more holiday fun to come :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day: Part I

One of the advantages of being married means you get to double (or triple, quadruple, etc.) your holiday fun. Thanksgiving is one example. Eric's family knows that trying to get everyone together on the actual day of Thanksgiving is near impossible. So...his Aunt and Uncle have a little Pre-Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before the actual holiday. This works out great every year because everyone can always make it. Usually, this event lasts a good 6 hours. An hour or two of drinking and gathering together, 2 hours of eating (second helpings, third helpings, digesting time, dessert, second dessert helpings, etc.) and then another hour or two of after-dinner drinking and/or sleeping. Well...we realized this year that our 6 hour dinner was going to have to turn into a scheduled, no-messing around, planned 3.5 hour dinner. Why you ask? Because now the family has 4 babies under the age of 18 months. And by next Thanksgiving (once Dana has baby #2) we will have 4 toddlers AND an 8-month old. Once the kids are old enough to be wooed by food and other activities, we can bring back the 6 hour dinner. But in the mean time, while our little babies require an afternoon nap, we have to be more efficient because by 4:00 p.m. yesterday (we arrived at 1:00 and ate around 2:30), all hell broke loose. There was whining, crying, fussing, get the idea. These babies were O.V.E.R. Thanksgiving! Its a good thing they all looked so darn cute yesterday or we might have had to beat their little butts (disclaimer: I don't beat my child. This was just a joke/expression/figure of least for now :-) Addison finally got to wear her little "Thanksgiving Dress" and she looked like such a big girl in it!! Nia (a.k.a Flash Dance) also had an adorable dress on but when she started sweating from running around, Dana took it off for her. I love the picture of them looking out the window. I think they were planning their escape :-) And all fussing aside, it was such a fun Thanksgiving with all the kiddies here. Holidays really are SO much more fun with them running around. They just give us another reason to be incredibly thankful for what God has given us :-) Now I can't wait for Turkey Day: Part II!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great Deals at Pottery Barn Kids

I just wanted to share some great deals I found at Pottery Barn Kids. For one thing, they have adorable stockings on sale for $12.00 each. I paid $19.00 for them about a week ago so when I saw the 30% off Christmas sale in my inbox today, I called Pottery Barn Kids to see if they would price adjust...and they did! While I was on the phone with them, I learned that they offer daily specials that are not advertised in their catalog or on their website. Did anyone else know this? And I don't mean little sales like 10% off...I mean big sales like 50% off!! She asked me about the things I typically shop for and I told her that I was looking for some storage for all of my daughter's toys. So she told me to look online at the polka dot canvas storage. I explained to her that I have been eyeing up the large green polka dot canvas bucket for some time and she said today is my lucky day because they are on sale for $21!!! They are originally $44 so I got two for the price of one!!! Woohoo!!! You NEVER see sales like this online and if you do, they are usually sold of the colors you want. So...if any of you have your eye on something at Pottery Barn Kids right sure to call them before placing your order and ask for their daily specials. She listed about 20 different specials. I can't think of them all right now but I know she said something about rugs, bedding AND toys! Just in time for Christmas! And if any of you do call and find an unbeatable deal, be sure to comment about it so that I...I mean my readers...can check it out! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Going To Be a Bridesmaid!!!

My future sister-in-law Meagan has just asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!!!! However, there is one stipulation...I must be at her side on the dance floor all night long. Umm...does she know who I am? I am a freaking Dancin Queen!! You got it sis! Put on a little Prince (Pussy Control is my favorite) and I will be there for ya! I am so excited for their big day. Meg and Ry will tie the knot on November 7, 2009. Less than a year away!!! Be sure to check out the little video Meg made for us. Too funny :-)
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adorable Holiday Outfit...That's Not a Dress

It's mom has an addiction to Baby Gap. I never should have introduced her to the place because whenever she walks past one...she HAS to go in. And whenever she goes in...she HAS to pick up a little something for Addie. Usually it is something from their sale rack (which is always fabulous) but every once in a great while, when she sees something she can't resist, she splurges. This particular outfit is one example. Her justification for buying it is that Addie will need some cute holiday outfits other than her fancy dress. And she is right. Now that Addie is crawling, a dress doesn't seem to be the most practical outfit to crawl around in on Christmas Day. So...problem solved! She now has this ADORABLE holiday outfit to wear...courtesy of Grammy Mueller :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Fabulously LONG Day

I'll be is taking me every once of energy I have left to write this post. Addie and I had one fabulously LONG day today! We started the day pretty early. 5:45 a.m. to be exact. Nothing like showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast before the sun comes up :-) And even though she didn't sleep great last night AND was up early, Addie was a freaking ball of energy today. Right off the bat she was speed crawling and dancing to Little Einsteins. I was a little worried that she wouldn't sit still in the grocery cart this morning but she was great. I sipped my Starbucks as I walked around Dominick's grabbing all of the essentials for my lunch/play date with Auntie Tiffany and baby Sophie today. Tiff and Sophie haven't been over in a while so we were VERY excited to see them. Addison was just in love with Sophie. She couldn't keep her eyes...or her of her. I couldn't either. She is even cuter than the last time I saw her (if that is even possible). Tiff is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I am going to miss her like CRAZY when she moves out of state next month. But on the bright side...this just gives Addison and I a reason to travel :-)

So after our wonderful play date, Addie went down for a nice long nap (and I should have gone to sleep too instead of doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, paying bills and wrapping Christmas presents. I know...I have O.C.D.). And while Addie was sleeping, Aunt Dana dropped off cousin Nia. I am always so happy to babysit Nia because I love watching her and Addie play together. The problem was, when Nia came over, Addie was asleep and therefore unable to distract her when Dana left. Well lets just say that Nia was experiencing a bit of separation anxiety today.
The tears came first. I saw them welling up and I knew she was about to start crying so I scooped her up and ran to the family room at the other end of the house so that Addison wouldn't wake up. Once we got to the family room and Nia realized that Dana was really gone, the crying started. The cries turned into screams and then the screams turned into a full blown tantrum. Arms flailing, legs kicking, rolling on the floor bawling tantrum. I didn't know what to do. I tried everything. I carried her to my Christmas tree and tried distracting her with pretty lights and dangerous ornaments. Didn't work. I took her into my kitchen and let her grab at the cookbooks she loves to pull off my shelf. She wanted nothing to do with them. I even took her over to Howie so she could chase him, but that didn't work wither. She wanted her mama and Aunt Jen was NOT going to substitute. When I was an hour into the tantrum ( was only 10 minutes), I got desperate. I started singing and jumping around. I saw a container of Gerber puffs (a.k.a. baby crack) so I grabbed it and started shaking them. This stopped her crying immediately. She sat straight up...looked at me...and said "num num". I said "you want num num?" So I poured a few puffs in my hand and she ate them right up. I poured a few more and she grabbed those too. She wasn't crying. In fact, after she saw Howie eat one of the puffs she dropped on the floor, she was laughing. She would put one puff in her mouth, and then feed one to Howie. She did this about 20 times before I realized that I had just fed me niece...and my dog...half a container of puffs. Thank God they are "whole grain".

After the tantrum and puff incident was over, Addie was up and ready to start moving again. Problem was, Nia was over playing with the toys I had at my house. Plus, I was sure she was ready for a nap and I knew Addie's crib wouldn't do the trick. So, I packed the babies in the car (yes..I have two car seats...I didn't Brittany Spears it) and drove to Dana's house. That was an adventure all by itself. How my friend Kelly packs twins in the car every day is beyond me. But once we were at Dana's, everything was good. Nia took an hour nap while Addie played contently with her kitchen set (hint hint Santa). When Nia woke up, Addie was SO excited. They played together, laughed together and ate puffs together. This is the part I love...watching the girls interact with each other. They know to be gentle with each other now and Nia is learning how to share. It is so cute how she picks up toys and brings them over to Addie. Although, she didn't want to share the cordless phone today. I let her play with it for a few minutes because I was out of puffs and unprepared for another tantrum. But when I heard a foreign voice talking through the speaker, I figured I better hang up and hide the phone. Dana...if there is a call to China on your phone...just put it on my tab :-)

Uncle Kevin got home around 5 tonight, just in time for me to get Addie home to play with daddy, eat some dinner, take a bath and hit the hay. She went down like a ton of bricks tonight and I know as soon as my head hits the pillow, I will be out cold too. And I think I am going to wrap up this post so I can do just that. I just wanted to share my fabulously LONG day with you. I am pretty sure I burned about 2,000 calories today which should just about compensate for the pint of Cherry Garcia I just put away watching House. Oh well...I deserve it :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Addie's Advent Calendar

A while back, I posted about how I wanted to start Addie's first Christmas tradition with an advent calendar. I found two adorable calendars online at Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod. Both were equally cute for different reasons, but in the end I decided to go with the one from Land of Nod. I was a heartbeat away from ordering it online when my mom asked me to go shopping at Oakbrook one day. I thought it might be a good idea to see it in person anyway so I held off. And boy am I glad we saw it in person. The quality was SOOOO not worth the $69 they were charging. I was so bummed. But since we were there, I thought I would check out the calendar at PBK. Theirs was much better quality, but it was HUGE!! I would seriously need an entire wall to hang this thing and unfortunately, I couldn't think of a place to put it. So I looked at my mom and said "you up for a project?" Like I have said a million times, it's hard for me to buy anything for Addie without thinking "my mom could make this so much better." And she is the same way. Every time I show her something cute she says "you know...I could knit that" or "you know...I could find a pattern and sew that". I knew this calendar would be no exception. But I was worried about her taking on this project because...well...she over does things just like my dad. I say I just want something simple that isn't too much work. But I should know better with her. 

I was surprised when my mom hadn't called me all day yesterday. For those of you who don't know me, my mom and I talk about 6 times a day. So to go an entire morning and afternoon without a phone call was very strange. So when I finally called her around dinner time, I asked what she was doing. She said "sewing" with a giggle. I knew she was working on the advent calendar and I knew she had been working on it all day. Sure enough...I get on her blog this morning and there it is. The most perfect, adorable, special advent calendar I could have ever imagined. It is the perfect size, it has nice big pockets for gifts and the best was made by Grammy which makes it even more special for Addie's first Christmas. Thanks so much for making this mama!!! I can't wait to get it from you and hang it up in the house. We love you!!!  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fantastic Non-Toxic Baby Toys...Just In Time For Christmas

I have been meaning to write about my new favorite toy company ever since I got my shipment from Amazon last week. I had heard of the toy company Melissa & Doug from shopping at Land of Nod but I had no idea how many fabulous, non-toxic toys they actually make!! I decided to scope out their websites and I found some great toys for Addie this Christmas (although I found even better prices at Amazon). I just received them in the mail and let me tell you...they are even cuter in person. I got her the Candy Jar Fill & Spill, the Flower Pot Fill & Spill, and the Insects Chunky Wooden Puzzle. I also bought a few of the chunky puzzles as gifts because they had so many cute ones to chose from! I guess what I like most about this company is that they pride themselves on providing safe, non-toxic toys that are fun and educational. You can't beat that package. So if you have some little kiddies on your Christmas list this year, check out the Melissa & Doug website for some great ideas. Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Officially Getting Old

When I was in college, I could wake up at 6:30 a.m., go teach an English 101 class, come home for lunch, run back to campus and take my own grad classes all afternoon, drive straight to Pier 1 for an evening shift, come home, change, do a little homework and then go out for drinks with the girls. How the hell did I have the energy for all that? Today I was up at 6:00 a.m. with Addie before I had to go teach my class at the college. I got home around 11:00 and felt like I had run a marathon. I don't know's not like getting up at 6:00 is a big deal anymore since that is when Addie prefers to start her morning EVERY day. But I was exhausted and since Eric and I had a wedding to go to tonight, I thought it was a good idea to rest a bit while Addie was napping. 

So I did. I took it easy this afternoon. I didn't clean, grade papers, do laundry, etc. I wanted to have some energy for my first night out with Eric in a long time. I got all dressed up and even put on my cute little cocktail ring that I bought a year ago and have never worn because ... well's too dressy for Target. So when we got in the car tonight I was pretty excited. I couldn't remember the last time I was dressed up with somewhere fun to go. I even told Eric I was going to go all out and have TWO glasses of wine tonight, which of course made him give me the "oh baby" eyes. Needless to say we were both excited to go out tonight.

The wedding was a lot of fun. We did the usual: stood in line for 15 minutes waiting for a drink, shook our asses on the dance floor to "Baby Got Back," listened to an embarrassing Maid of Honor speech (poor thing) and ate some cake. And then we looked at the clock. Judging by how tired I was, I was sure it was midnight but nope. It was 8:45. Seriously. I whispered to Eric that I was already tired but I would stick it out a little longer if he wanted to. I was sure he was going to tell me that he wanted to stay at least another hour but instead, he looked at me with relief and said "I'll get your coat". So we said our goodbyes, grabbed another piece of cake for the road, and now here we are...laying on the couch at 10:30 (it was an hour drive). Is that sad? Are we officially getting old? Are we just a hop skip and a year away from the early bird special at Denny's? If so...I'll take a Moons Over MiHami please!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!

Alright Christmas's official...the season has begun!!! WLIT has switched to all Christmas music and this is usually the cue for me to put up my tree and start humming deck the halls wherever I go. I know...I am a total Christmas junkie. Christmas is my crack. I love it...can't get enough of it. And for those of you who are sitting there thinking "hey...turkey day isn't even here yet!" please keep your turkey-lovin Christmas-hatin comments to yourself because this chic is SO EXCITED!! And if you love Christmas (and Christmas music) as much as I do, you can listen to the Holiday Lite on the internet. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Addie's New Friend

While on a shopping trip to Baby Gap, I ran into an old friend of mine. Let me rephrase old BEST friend of mine. Lindsey and I were inseparable for the 4 years we worked at Abercrombie and Fitch during our college breaks. I couldn't wait to get home for Christmas every year because I knew Linds and I would get to hang out. Our favorite things to do were shop, eat Sabarro pizza and watch Legally Blonde over and over again in her Mom's basement. Linds and I shared a lot of great memories together but like some friends do...we lost touch while I was in grad school and Lindsey was starting her career in the city. Time passed, we lost cell phone get the point. But thanks to our mutual new-found love of shopping for our baby girls...we were reunited once again!!! 
And after a long month of trying to coordinate our schedules for a play date, we finally made it happen last week. Addie was introduced to one of her new BFFs, Kennedy. Kennedy just turned 2 so she is one of Addie's more mature girlfriends. And let me tell you...she is JUST like her mommy: Beautiful, outgoing and in love with fashion. Kennedy got a new dollie for her birthday a few weeks ago and she showed me the dollie's wardrobe. Lets just say that doll dresses better than I do. And I am not sure how many babies Kennedy has been around, but I think Addison looked like one big dollie to her. She tried to hug her, feed her, and if Addie would have cooperated, she may have tried to dress her too. It was the cutest thing to watch.

Anyway, we had a fabulous play date with Lindsey and Kennedy. It was so great to see what a wonderful mommy Lindsey has turned out to be. I still can't believe we are both mommies! It seems like only yesterday we were driving around in my Grand Prix listening to O.D.B. and talking about boys. And now we are talking about nap schedules and Blues Clues. things change. I really did miss my BFF and it is nice to have her back in my life. Thank you Baby Gap!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Lucky Am I????

I know I brag all the time about my incredibly talented mama who can sew, knit or quilt just about anything I ask her to. But have I ever talked about my incredibly talented dad? You know...the man who can build just about anything I ask him to? Oh who am I kidding...he has built me everything I have asked him to! He built Addison the most gorgeous cradle that I will keep forever so that she can pass it on to her kids. He has also built me book shelves, cabinets, you name it. Well my latest project for good old pop was a fireplace mantel. I told him I didn't need anything too fancy, but I should have known that he wouldn't settle for that. And would you look at what he built for us!!!!! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous mantel in your life?!!! As you can see, it is quite an upgrade from the fireplace we had before. Eric hasn't seen it installed yet and I can't wait to surprise him when he gets home :-)
Are we not the two luckiest kids in the world? I mean in addition to my wonderful parents, I also have a father-in-law who is an extremely talented wood worker AND a mother-in-law that could give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the kitchen. have to taste this woman's lasagna and twice baked potatoes (those are two of my favorites). And since this is the season for giving thanks, I thought I would take this opportunity to say thanks to the most wonderful parents a kid could ever ask for. I love you to pieces :-)
And really out did yourself on this mantel. I know I said I didn't want anything fancy but I am SO glad you didn't listen to me. You better clear your schedule because once people see this are going to be getting a LOT of phone calls. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Book Nerd

All we do is climb now. We climb the couch, the coffee table, the crib, the walls....and now the book shelf. Addison has always loved playing with books. In fact, I think books are her favorite things to play with (besides my car keys, which I don't let her have because I am a germaphobe). Anyway, while I was putting away some laundry in her room, I let her crawl around her toy bin thinking she would grab for some of her stuffed animals. I should have known better....the book shelf is the perfect height for climbing. I was about to yell at her to get down but I just watched her for a second. She ran her little fingers over all the books and would stop on certain ones and think a minute. It was so damn cute watch. But then I started getting nervous about her hanging on a bookshelf and so I called her name. She turned around really quick and smiled at me. I said " need to pick one and then get down". I know it was probably coincidence, but she did grab a book and plopped to her butt. She sat and looked at her book for at least 10 minutes and then crawled to pick the next one...totally disregarding all the toys. I realized then and there that Addie is going to be a book nerd just like her mommy :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sorry...Minus One "R"

After reading last night's post, I think my mom felt a little bad about giving me such a scare. She apologized about a hundred times today but apparently she didn't feel like that was enough. So when I went to run Addie's bath tonight, I found another little message waiting for me in foam letters. This time I wasn't scared...I actually laughed so hard I peed a little. I think the best part about this message is the missing "R" (I only have one alphabet). When I called my mom to thank her for the new message, she was already laughing because she knew I had seen it. I am sure you had to be there....but I honestly haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thanks for the good scare...and laugh mamacita!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Bath Toys Are Not For Adults

Let me just start by explaining that I am usually not scared to be home alone. In fact...sometimes it is kind of nice :-) And while I do occasionally get spooked by a weird noise or bump in the night, I try hard to think rationally before I start calling people. Well tonight, Grams, Gramps, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan came over for a visit. After I put Addie to bed and everyone left, I went into the bathroom to empty Addison's tub and this is what I found. Someone...or something...spelled out "Help" in Addie's foam bath letters. I would love to think that my baby girl has already learned to spell...but I knew that was not a possibility. So the first person I could think of that would do something like this is my brother Ryan. He is ALWAYS messing with me and this would be a perfect opportunity to scare the crap out of me. So of course I call him and here is our conversation:

Me: what's up with you spelling out "Help" in Addie's tub? 
Ry: WTF are you talking about?
Me: In Addie's bath tub, the word "Help" is spelled out in foam letters.
Ry: I think Addison did it. 
Me: Seriously Ry...I am a little freaked out right now.
Ry: Jen...there aren't ghosts in your house. I bet mom did it.
Me: Oh is ALL about scaring me. She can't even watch Disney's Haunted Mansion without peeing her pants.
Ry: wasn't me Jen. I swear.
Me:..........................................really?..........................I gotta call you back.

At this point I decided that I have to pack Addie up and drive to my parents until Eric gets home because I am freaking out. I have seen too many episodes of Haunted America and Paranormal State. I know that "Help" is never a good sign, whether it is spelled in fog on the mirror or written in foam bath letters. So I call my mom and tell her that Addie and I are going to come over because something weird is going on in the house. She asks me what is going on and I tell her about the bathtub. Here is our conversation:

Mom: Oh honey...that was me! I couldn't think of any other word to spell. Hehehehehe.
Me:..............................are you kidding me right now? 
Mom: Sorry honey...I never thought that would scare you.
Me: You never thought the word "Help" spelled out in my bath tub would scare me?
Mom: I was going to spell "Help Me" but I couldn't find another M.
Me:...........................You were going to spell "Help Me" and you didn't think that would scare me?
Mom: Yeah....I guess I shouldn't play with Addie's bath toys anymore huh. Hehehehehe.

I guess I better call Uncle Ryan and tell him he was right. Damn....I hate when I have to do that :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Addie is 8 Months Old!!!

How is it even possible that Addie is already 8 months old? I feel like I was just posting her 7 month update!! Well...we have done a LOT of growing up this past month. We are now eating some finger foods and attempting to hold our own spoon. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do before Addie can actually feed herself without getting it all over her face, highchair, floor, ceiling, etc. But least she likes to eat!

In other news, we are probably only a month or so away from walking. I know...that is WAY too early. But there is nothing I can do! She is one curious little peanut. She goes non-stop all day long, which I should thank her for because chasing her has got me back in my skinny jeans :-) And speaking of clothes, Addie is already in 12 month outfits because she is so freaking tall!! All her 9 month pants fit, but they look like capris. That has always been my problem too :-) Oh well...that just gives me another excuse to buy her cute new clothes (as if I needed an excuse to shop for her :-) I know I say this EVERY month...but I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing. I am just so thankful that I get to be with her every day to witness all these wonderful little milestones. Tear...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"No" Doesn't Mean "Climb on the End Table"

Do you ever notice how some babies sound like they are speaking a different language? My niece Nia always sounds like she is speaking Chinese (which is why I call her Ling Ling). One of my friends said her son always sounded like he was speaking Spanish because he always put a "la" in front of everything. I haven't decided what language I think Addie is speaking yet because she pretty much just screams in different pitches. But I am sure she is wondering what language I am speaking because it certainly isn't one she understands yet. I know that a lamp is WAY more fun than the 50 different toys spread out all over my living room...but I wish I could figure out a way to communicate to her that "no" doesn't mean "climb on the end table again". I know she at least understands a few things that I say though because when I call her name, she turns around and smiles at me. Little stinker!! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Won An Award!

I have to admit...I have won a couple of awards from my dear readers over the past few months but I have been SO bad about returning the favor. So I figured today would be a good day to start. My friend Nina, who publishes Nina Knows Best, has given me yet another fabulous award. And I have to say that I am truly flattered, considering Nina is one of the most talented bloggers I know. I can't even imagine how many hits her blog gets a day, but I know that at least one of them is coming from me :-) So Nina...thank you so much for this great honor!! Now here are the rules for this award:

1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post here
4. Pass the award on to 5 more deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

And here are the 5 FABULOUS bloggers I would like to pass this award on to. Drum roll please........

1. My mom from Janlynn Designs because I love reading all about your latest knitting project. You are honestly the most talented person I know and I am so lucky to have you. You are the reason my baby girl is going to be given the Best Dressed award this winter. Love you mamacita!

2. Christina, from Peanut's Page because you are the person who inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Your little man is going to be arriving VERY soon and I can't wait to read all about it. You are so creative and funny...I just love jumping online to find out what you have painted, baked or sewn, what you saved at Walgreens, or what funny pregnancy phenomenon has happened over night. You never disappoint :-)

3. Kelly from Life With Twins because you are one of my heroes. Whenever I think it is hard to have one 8-month-old...I visit your blog so that I can see what it is like to have 2 at the same time :-) You are such a fabulous mommy and your girls couldn't be more precious. I love reading about Julia and Ava's latest adventures. I hope to meet them in person one day :-) 

4. Mandy from House of Rose because you always make me laugh. You, J and P would seriously make the cutest reality show. You should honestly consider it one day :-) I think it would beat the crap out of The Hills. Hahaha!

5. Jenn from Jeans Friday because you are a talented up and coming blogger. I love looking at all the pictures you post and I can't wait to see what becomes of your new hobby...and your new life as a married lady :-) was REALLY hard to pick just 5 blogs to talk about!! But hopefully I will win another award down the road and I will be sure to honor some of the other fabulous blogs on my list. But until sure to check these out. Thanks again for the award Nin!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Mommy Find at Target

Even though my friend Nina is the creative mind behind Target Tuesdays, I thought I would post a fabulous mommy-find I picked up at Target today. As you all know, I am obsessed with bags (i.e. purses, totes, diaper bags, environmental bags, etc.) And let it be known that I don't discriminate. I love my Target bags just as much as my Coach bags. But the one thing I REALLY love about my Target bags are the great prices. This adorable black and white polka dot tote was an absolute STEAL at $16.99. And with so many fabulous pockets, it has turned into the perfect diaper bag. I just loaded it tonight and it fits all of my diaper bag essentials AND all of the contents of my purse. I have a long day in the city tomorrow and I don't want to be juggling a diaper bag and a purse. So the fact that I can get everything into this one super cute bag makes me very happy :-) So if any of you mamas out there are looking for a new diaper bag and don't want to break the bank, I highly recommending checking this one out. Happy shopping!

November In The Park

It was 78 degrees in Chicago yesterday. 78 November!!!!! I know it didn't set a record or anything, but it was pretty darn close. And since these beautiful sunny days are numbered as we will surly be bundling the kids up in snowsuits very soon...Dana and I decided to take advantage of the weather by heading to the park. Addie has never been in the big swing before so I decided yesterday was the day to try it out. And just as I suspected...she LOVED it! When I first put her in the swing, she wasn't too sure about it. She sat there all tense holding on to the chains. But as I swung her more and more, she started to relax and smile. Pretty soon she was flashing me all of her teeth making her excited noise (which consists of a bunch of short breaths all in a row followed by a fake cough). After about 15 minutes of swinging...I noticed her eyes start to get heavy. She wouldn't quite let herself fall asleep because she was too busy looking at Nia. But if Nia and Aunt Dana weren't there to keep her attention, she would have been sound asleep. I couldn't get her to take longer than a 20 minute nap all day and now she was ready to pass out in a swing?!!! I realized at that moment that I MUST put a big girl swing set in my living room. Do you think it would fit? 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Baby....New Camera

For my birthday a few years ago, Eric bought be a great Sony digital camera. It was perfect for what I needed at the time. It was super slim, took pretty nice pictures, and had just enough features to make me happy. But now that I have become a picture-happy mom, I feel like I am ready to upgrade. I figure new baby = new camera. So...I have decided to ask Santa for a new camera this year (especially since he never has any ideas for me :-) But where do I begin???!!! There are so many choices!! I guess the best way to start is to list some features I know I want:

*Small enough to still carry around in a purse or diaper bag.
* Can hold lots of pictures at once (since I am not always good about uploading to my computer every day)
* Video capabilities since I don't always carry around my video camera
* Long battery life (since I am not very good at charging every day either :-)
* Creative abilities with color, zoom, and shutter speed.
* Automatic face detection (this is a feature in newer cameras and I love it)

These aren't very specific features so I am sure there are still hundreds of cameras to chose from. But I started my preliminary search today and I am eyeing up a Canon PowerShot Sd990. Does anyone have this camera? Or better yet, do any of you own a camera that you absolutely LOVE? I think reviews are the best way to decide which camera to get. I would love your input :-)