Friday, November 7, 2008

Addie is 8 Months Old!!!

How is it even possible that Addie is already 8 months old? I feel like I was just posting her 7 month update!! Well...we have done a LOT of growing up this past month. We are now eating some finger foods and attempting to hold our own spoon. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do before Addie can actually feed herself without getting it all over her face, highchair, floor, ceiling, etc. But least she likes to eat!

In other news, we are probably only a month or so away from walking. I know...that is WAY too early. But there is nothing I can do! She is one curious little peanut. She goes non-stop all day long, which I should thank her for because chasing her has got me back in my skinny jeans :-) And speaking of clothes, Addie is already in 12 month outfits because she is so freaking tall!! All her 9 month pants fit, but they look like capris. That has always been my problem too :-) Oh well...that just gives me another excuse to buy her cute new clothes (as if I needed an excuse to shop for her :-) I know I say this EVERY month...but I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing. I am just so thankful that I get to be with her every day to witness all these wonderful little milestones. Tear...

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