Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adorable Holiday Outfit...That's Not a Dress

It's mom has an addiction to Baby Gap. I never should have introduced her to the place because whenever she walks past one...she HAS to go in. And whenever she goes in...she HAS to pick up a little something for Addie. Usually it is something from their sale rack (which is always fabulous) but every once in a great while, when she sees something she can't resist, she splurges. This particular outfit is one example. Her justification for buying it is that Addie will need some cute holiday outfits other than her fancy dress. And she is right. Now that Addie is crawling, a dress doesn't seem to be the most practical outfit to crawl around in on Christmas Day. So...problem solved! She now has this ADORABLE holiday outfit to wear...courtesy of Grammy Mueller :-)

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  1. Yes, it is a sweet outfit. She will be yummy and Christmasy!


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