Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Bath Toys Are Not For Adults

Let me just start by explaining that I am usually not scared to be home alone. In fact...sometimes it is kind of nice :-) And while I do occasionally get spooked by a weird noise or bump in the night, I try hard to think rationally before I start calling people. Well tonight, Grams, Gramps, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan came over for a visit. After I put Addie to bed and everyone left, I went into the bathroom to empty Addison's tub and this is what I found. Someone...or something...spelled out "Help" in Addie's foam bath letters. I would love to think that my baby girl has already learned to spell...but I knew that was not a possibility. So the first person I could think of that would do something like this is my brother Ryan. He is ALWAYS messing with me and this would be a perfect opportunity to scare the crap out of me. So of course I call him and here is our conversation:

Me: what's up with you spelling out "Help" in Addie's tub? 
Ry: WTF are you talking about?
Me: In Addie's bath tub, the word "Help" is spelled out in foam letters.
Ry: I think Addison did it. 
Me: Seriously Ry...I am a little freaked out right now.
Ry: Jen...there aren't ghosts in your house. I bet mom did it.
Me: Oh is ALL about scaring me. She can't even watch Disney's Haunted Mansion without peeing her pants.
Ry: wasn't me Jen. I swear.
Me:..........................................really?..........................I gotta call you back.

At this point I decided that I have to pack Addie up and drive to my parents until Eric gets home because I am freaking out. I have seen too many episodes of Haunted America and Paranormal State. I know that "Help" is never a good sign, whether it is spelled in fog on the mirror or written in foam bath letters. So I call my mom and tell her that Addie and I are going to come over because something weird is going on in the house. She asks me what is going on and I tell her about the bathtub. Here is our conversation:

Mom: Oh honey...that was me! I couldn't think of any other word to spell. Hehehehehe.
Me:..............................are you kidding me right now? 
Mom: Sorry honey...I never thought that would scare you.
Me: You never thought the word "Help" spelled out in my bath tub would scare me?
Mom: I was going to spell "Help Me" but I couldn't find another M.
Me:...........................You were going to spell "Help Me" and you didn't think that would scare me?
Mom: Yeah....I guess I shouldn't play with Addie's bath toys anymore huh. Hehehehehe.

I guess I better call Uncle Ryan and tell him he was right. Damn....I hate when I have to do that :-)


  1. OH MY LANTA... I LOVE that story! Made my night! Take care!

  2. Oh girl! I would have been right there with ya...out of the house in a flash! Totally funny story!

  3. Jen,

    I have to say I enjoy reading your blog. You are soooo funny and the posts you write are so entertaining! Keep them coming!

  4. Your mom sounds like my mom. That really is funny. I completely understand though, I would've been absolutely freaked out myself.
    OMG.........Noggin is on right now and I want to wring their necks through the t.v. Yo Gabba Gabba is on........let's talk about CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jen- seriously I was laughing sooo hard! and then I laughed even harder the next day when I saw the "sory" one!! I agree with Heather..I love your always makes me laugh!


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