Monday, November 10, 2008

Book Nerd

All we do is climb now. We climb the couch, the coffee table, the crib, the walls....and now the book shelf. Addison has always loved playing with books. In fact, I think books are her favorite things to play with (besides my car keys, which I don't let her have because I am a germaphobe). Anyway, while I was putting away some laundry in her room, I let her crawl around her toy bin thinking she would grab for some of her stuffed animals. I should have known better....the book shelf is the perfect height for climbing. I was about to yell at her to get down but I just watched her for a second. She ran her little fingers over all the books and would stop on certain ones and think a minute. It was so damn cute watch. But then I started getting nervous about her hanging on a bookshelf and so I called her name. She turned around really quick and smiled at me. I said " need to pick one and then get down". I know it was probably coincidence, but she did grab a book and plopped to her butt. She sat and looked at her book for at least 10 minutes and then crawled to pick the next one...totally disregarding all the toys. I realized then and there that Addie is going to be a book nerd just like her mommy :-)

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  1. That's really sweet. My oldest son liked looking at books at a very young age as well.
    Cute bookshelf the little mini has.


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