Friday, November 14, 2008

The Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!

Alright Christmas's official...the season has begun!!! WLIT has switched to all Christmas music and this is usually the cue for me to put up my tree and start humming deck the halls wherever I go. I know...I am a total Christmas junkie. Christmas is my crack. I love it...can't get enough of it. And for those of you who are sitting there thinking "hey...turkey day isn't even here yet!" please keep your turkey-lovin Christmas-hatin comments to yourself because this chic is SO EXCITED!! And if you love Christmas (and Christmas music) as much as I do, you can listen to the Holiday Lite on the internet. Enjoy!!!


  1. I am not a hater of either....although I do get a bit stressed about present buying. I don't wanna be stressed about giving and I shouldn't be.
    Hope you're having a great day girly!

  2. Love it!!!

    I just checked to see if you cable's music channel was playing Christmas music yet and I found not one but TWO channels.


    I still respect the Turkey though :)

  3. Sorry to post twice but right after reading your blog I saw a yahoo article "Listening to your favorite music is good for the heart".

    So there. Its for our health people!

  4. I love turkey too...don't get me wrong. And I am having Turkey day at my house this year so I am VERY excited about that. But honestly...there is just nothing like Christmas time. I love it and I want to celebrate for as long as possible because it goes to fast.

    Katy - Start shopping now while all the sales are going on! That's what I am doing :-)

    Kel - I will have to check my cable channels. Woohoo!!

  5. I meant it goes "too fast" not "to fast". I'm not an English teacher or anything :-)

  6. I'm listening to a station by me that plays 100% Christmas music too! I would love to put up my Christmas stuff now, but I'm going to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Only because of Emma. I think that'll give me plenty of time to be telling Emma to leave the tree alone! The way she's going now, she'll have it down in no time! :)

  7. Here is a story entitled, "Isaac has his own tree and it has been up for almost a week." Let me share with you the wisdom that I was given just this past week. My sister is studying in Italy this semester and she announced to us last weekend that it has been Christmas season there for two weeks... for in Europe, there is NO Thanksgiving. So at the beginning of November, they start their Christmas season. Needless to say I have gone back to my roots to celebrate Christmas as our ancestors intended...

    That is all.

    I am 10000000% with you... let the Christmas season BEGIN!!!

  8. Heather - I hear you on the tree. Luckily, I don't put one up in Addie's "safe room" (i.e. the room where I have her gated off and everything is padded). You should find Emma a safe room so you can put up your tree this weekend with me!

    Kate - You are so stinkin funny!!! I am German but I am sure they started celebrating Christmas two weeks ago too??? I'm with you! Let the season begin! And by the way...Addie has a little pink tree on it's way (I ordered it online). I have little pink snowflakes and ballerina ornaments to put on it. Not that I am going overboard or anything. hahaha! Glad to hear Isaac is celebrating in style too :-)

  9. I'm ready to put up our tree too but the only thing I dread is trying to keep Ryan away from it!

    Woohooo...I will be listening to WLIT now!! I can't wait for work next week.. I listen to it all day while I'm working. It makes the time go by faster.

  10. Oh, Addie's little pink tree sounds cute!!


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