Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great Deals at Pottery Barn Kids

I just wanted to share some great deals I found at Pottery Barn Kids. For one thing, they have adorable stockings on sale for $12.00 each. I paid $19.00 for them about a week ago so when I saw the 30% off Christmas sale in my inbox today, I called Pottery Barn Kids to see if they would price adjust...and they did! While I was on the phone with them, I learned that they offer daily specials that are not advertised in their catalog or on their website. Did anyone else know this? And I don't mean little sales like 10% off...I mean big sales like 50% off!! She asked me about the things I typically shop for and I told her that I was looking for some storage for all of my daughter's toys. So she told me to look online at the polka dot canvas storage. I explained to her that I have been eyeing up the large green polka dot canvas bucket for some time and she said today is my lucky day because they are on sale for $21!!! They are originally $44 so I got two for the price of one!!! Woohoo!!! You NEVER see sales like this online and if you do, they are usually sold of the colors you want. So...if any of you have your eye on something at Pottery Barn Kids right sure to call them before placing your order and ask for their daily specials. She listed about 20 different specials. I can't think of them all right now but I know she said something about rugs, bedding AND toys! Just in time for Christmas! And if any of you do call and find an unbeatable deal, be sure to comment about it so that I...I mean my readers...can check it out! 

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