Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Lucky Am I????

I know I brag all the time about my incredibly talented mama who can sew, knit or quilt just about anything I ask her to. But have I ever talked about my incredibly talented dad? You know...the man who can build just about anything I ask him to? Oh who am I kidding...he has built me everything I have asked him to! He built Addison the most gorgeous cradle that I will keep forever so that she can pass it on to her kids. He has also built me book shelves, cabinets, you name it. Well my latest project for good old pop was a fireplace mantel. I told him I didn't need anything too fancy, but I should have known that he wouldn't settle for that. And would you look at what he built for us!!!!! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous mantel in your life?!!! As you can see, it is quite an upgrade from the fireplace we had before. Eric hasn't seen it installed yet and I can't wait to surprise him when he gets home :-)
Are we not the two luckiest kids in the world? I mean in addition to my wonderful parents, I also have a father-in-law who is an extremely talented wood worker AND a mother-in-law that could give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the kitchen. Honestly...you have to taste this woman's lasagna and twice baked potatoes (those are two of my favorites). And since this is the season for giving thanks, I thought I would take this opportunity to say thanks to the most wonderful parents a kid could ever ask for. I love you to pieces :-)
And pop...you really out did yourself on this mantel. I know I said I didn't want anything fancy but I am SO glad you didn't listen to me. You better clear your schedule because once people see this mantel...you are going to be getting a LOT of phone calls. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)


  1. Wonderful! Now send him to my homestead b/c I need/want a mantle for my fireplace. If not for looks, just to hang my sweet kids stockings.
    It looks great!

  2. WOW! That looks so beautiful. Aren't daddies wonderful :)



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