Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Baby....New Camera

For my birthday a few years ago, Eric bought be a great Sony digital camera. It was perfect for what I needed at the time. It was super slim, took pretty nice pictures, and had just enough features to make me happy. But now that I have become a picture-happy mom, I feel like I am ready to upgrade. I figure new baby = new camera. So...I have decided to ask Santa for a new camera this year (especially since he never has any ideas for me :-) But where do I begin???!!! There are so many choices!! I guess the best way to start is to list some features I know I want:

*Small enough to still carry around in a purse or diaper bag.
* Can hold lots of pictures at once (since I am not always good about uploading to my computer every day)
* Video capabilities since I don't always carry around my video camera
* Long battery life (since I am not very good at charging every day either :-)
* Creative abilities with color, zoom, and shutter speed.
* Automatic face detection (this is a feature in newer cameras and I love it)

These aren't very specific features so I am sure there are still hundreds of cameras to chose from. But I started my preliminary search today and I am eyeing up a Canon PowerShot Sd990. Does anyone have this camera? Or better yet, do any of you own a camera that you absolutely LOVE? I think reviews are the best way to decide which camera to get. I would love your input :-)


  1. I love my Olympus Stylus 1010. It takes awesome pictures, it's very small, and takes video. Best camera I've had so far!

  2. Hmm... my camera wouldn't be what you're looking for, because it's bulky (Canon Rebel XTi) and definitely won't fit in the diaper bag...

    But I did want to mention that ALL Canon's are great, in my opinion... so you might be on to something with the one you've got your eye on. Have you looked at to read the reviews? I always find the BEST mix of reviews at Amazon.

    Oh--and one other note, most cameras use SD cards (or another type, but this is most common) these days--so buy an extra one (or two!) and keep them in the camera pouch. That way, you can take more photos at one time without having to load them.

    Good luck shopping!!

  3. Jen, I LOVE our new camera Fuji Finepix 10.0.. and here are the reasons why...

    1. It is super small and can fit anywhere with out a problem.
    2. It turns on with a slide of the front....aka with one hand..and EASILY!
    3. It has an internal zoom so the lens never pops out and doesn't get full of crud while in your diaper bag so it doesn't get stuck!
    4. It has a video camera.. not sure on the quality of the picture, but it does have one..
    5. It uses an SD card and with a one gig can hold like 350 pictures at its highest resolution, which is 10.0 megapixels
    6. Cute colors.
    7. auto face detection.. works like a charm every time.
    8. It doesn't have alot of fancy picture taking things right on it, but thats not anything that can't be taken care of with a picture editing program!
    9. It is not that expensive, so if it takes a plop in the toliet or the bag gets dropped and the camera gets poo pooed, you don't cry on the outside.. just a wee on the inside!
    10. Rechargable battery lasts a REALLY long time and flashes at you WAY before it goes out to remind you to charge it up!
    Ok.. here is a link to the camera..

  4. i do have a digi canon, but for a purse camera, i have a canon powershot sd630. it's about 3 or 4 years old now, so i'll bet the one you're looking at is the newer version of mine.
    i love it. i'm a canon girl. it has all the features you're looking for. the photo capacity depends on the size of your memory card. i've got a 2 G in this one, and i've taken it on vacation and never run out of space.
    yes, i'm your mom's geeky friend.

  5. Well thanks for the help girls! I guess I have some decisions to make!

    Mama: I do like the pictures your camera takes. I may need to take a closer look at it.

    Christina: I thought you had a big fancy camera since you were looking at those cute straps a while back on Etsy. Good to know you love your Canon though. I like to go with a brand that people trust and keep coming back to.

    Kate: You are so funny...and helpful!!! I just checked out the camera you have and it is pretty cute too. I haven't had a Fuji before but it seems to have pretty good ratings so far. I will have to do some more investigating. Your review was better than any review I have found online by the way :-)

    Lynn: I knew you were my mom's geeky tech friend because she is always coming home wanting something you had. Hello...the iTouch she had to have for her birthday...that was all you. Haha! Thanks for the advice on the camera. I think the one I picked is an upgraded or newer version of the one you have. I am glad to know you like yours and that it is still working so well after 4 years :-)


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