Thursday, November 6, 2008

"No" Doesn't Mean "Climb on the End Table"

Do you ever notice how some babies sound like they are speaking a different language? My niece Nia always sounds like she is speaking Chinese (which is why I call her Ling Ling). One of my friends said her son always sounded like he was speaking Spanish because he always put a "la" in front of everything. I haven't decided what language I think Addie is speaking yet because she pretty much just screams in different pitches. But I am sure she is wondering what language I am speaking because it certainly isn't one she understands yet. I know that a lamp is WAY more fun than the 50 different toys spread out all over my living room...but I wish I could figure out a way to communicate to her that "no" doesn't mean "climb on the end table again". I know she at least understands a few things that I say though because when I call her name, she turns around and smiles at me. Little stinker!! 


  1. I know the feeling! Won't you be glad when she can understand what no means...I know I will be glad when Ryan learns. One day Ryan was playing around the fireplace and I said "ahhnnt" and he said it back mocking me & then grinned! lol

  2. Same boat here too! Emma's starting to get into everything....and when I call her name or say no or anything....she doesn't even look my way anymore. Well, sometimes she'll turn around and smile and then continue. Such a little stinker!

  3. Even worse...when your baby DOES start to understand what "NO" means...yet they continue to still do it! Little bugers!

  4. Yes, this is a fun time and tiring for mommy as well. Baby M thinks it's very very funny when we say "no" to him. He laughs at us. Nice.

    p.s. come see what i was up to yesterday.


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