Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November In The Park

It was 78 degrees in Chicago yesterday. 78 degrees...in November!!!!! I know it didn't set a record or anything, but it was pretty darn close. And since these beautiful sunny days are numbered as we will surly be bundling the kids up in snowsuits very soon...Dana and I decided to take advantage of the weather by heading to the park. Addie has never been in the big swing before so I decided yesterday was the day to try it out. And just as I suspected...she LOVED it! When I first put her in the swing, she wasn't too sure about it. She sat there all tense holding on to the chains. But as I swung her more and more, she started to relax and smile. Pretty soon she was flashing me all of her teeth making her excited noise (which consists of a bunch of short breaths all in a row followed by a fake cough). After about 15 minutes of swinging...I noticed her eyes start to get heavy. She wouldn't quite let herself fall asleep because she was too busy looking at Nia. But if Nia and Aunt Dana weren't there to keep her attention, she would have been sound asleep. I couldn't get her to take longer than a 20 minute nap all day and now she was ready to pass out in a swing?!!! I realized at that moment that I MUST put a big girl swing set in my living room. Do you think it would fit? 


  1. So cute! I'm not a mother but if the swing works... I would buy a swing and hang it anywhere I could find room! ;-)

  2. Make it fit! haha! Very adorable pics!


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