Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Fabulously LONG Day

I'll be honest...it is taking me every once of energy I have left to write this post. Addie and I had one fabulously LONG day today! We started the day pretty early. 5:45 a.m. to be exact. Nothing like showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast before the sun comes up :-) And even though she didn't sleep great last night AND was up early, Addie was a freaking ball of energy today. Right off the bat she was speed crawling and dancing to Little Einsteins. I was a little worried that she wouldn't sit still in the grocery cart this morning but she was great. I sipped my Starbucks as I walked around Dominick's grabbing all of the essentials for my lunch/play date with Auntie Tiffany and baby Sophie today. Tiff and Sophie haven't been over in a while so we were VERY excited to see them. Addison was just in love with Sophie. She couldn't keep her eyes...or her hands...off of her. I couldn't either. She is even cuter than the last time I saw her (if that is even possible). Tiff is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I am going to miss her like CRAZY when she moves out of state next month. But on the bright side...this just gives Addison and I a reason to travel :-)

So after our wonderful play date, Addie went down for a nice long nap (and I should have gone to sleep too instead of doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, paying bills and wrapping Christmas presents. I know...I have O.C.D.). And while Addie was sleeping, Aunt Dana dropped off cousin Nia. I am always so happy to babysit Nia because I love watching her and Addie play together. The problem was, when Nia came over, Addie was asleep and therefore unable to distract her when Dana left. Well lets just say that Nia was experiencing a bit of separation anxiety today.
The tears came first. I saw them welling up and I knew she was about to start crying so I scooped her up and ran to the family room at the other end of the house so that Addison wouldn't wake up. Once we got to the family room and Nia realized that Dana was really gone, the crying started. The cries turned into screams and then the screams turned into a full blown tantrum. Arms flailing, legs kicking, rolling on the floor bawling tantrum. I didn't know what to do. I tried everything. I carried her to my Christmas tree and tried distracting her with pretty lights and dangerous ornaments. Didn't work. I took her into my kitchen and let her grab at the cookbooks she loves to pull off my shelf. She wanted nothing to do with them. I even took her over to Howie so she could chase him, but that didn't work wither. She wanted her mama and Aunt Jen was NOT going to substitute. When I was an hour into the tantrum (okay...it was only 10 minutes), I got desperate. I started singing and jumping around. I saw a container of Gerber puffs (a.k.a. baby crack) so I grabbed it and started shaking them. This stopped her crying immediately. She sat straight up...looked at me...and said "num num". I said "you want num num?" So I poured a few puffs in my hand and she ate them right up. I poured a few more and she grabbed those too. She wasn't crying. In fact, after she saw Howie eat one of the puffs she dropped on the floor, she was laughing. She would put one puff in her mouth, and then feed one to Howie. She did this about 20 times before I realized that I had just fed me niece...and my dog...half a container of puffs. Thank God they are "whole grain".

After the tantrum and puff incident was over, Addie was up and ready to start moving again. Problem was, Nia was over playing with the toys I had at my house. Plus, I was sure she was ready for a nap and I knew Addie's crib wouldn't do the trick. So, I packed the babies in the car (yes..I have two car seats...I didn't Brittany Spears it) and drove to Dana's house. That was an adventure all by itself. How my friend Kelly packs twins in the car every day is beyond me. But once we were at Dana's, everything was good. Nia took an hour nap while Addie played contently with her kitchen set (hint hint Santa). When Nia woke up, Addie was SO excited. They played together, laughed together and ate puffs together. This is the part I love...watching the girls interact with each other. They know to be gentle with each other now and Nia is learning how to share. It is so cute how she picks up toys and brings them over to Addie. Although, she didn't want to share the cordless phone today. I let her play with it for a few minutes because I was out of puffs and unprepared for another tantrum. But when I heard a foreign voice talking through the speaker, I figured I better hang up and hide the phone. Dana...if there is a call to China on your phone...just put it on my tab :-)

Uncle Kevin got home around 5 tonight, just in time for me to get Addie home to play with daddy, eat some dinner, take a bath and hit the hay. She went down like a ton of bricks tonight and I know as soon as my head hits the pillow, I will be out cold too. And I think I am going to wrap up this post so I can do just that. I just wanted to share my fabulously LONG day with you. I am pretty sure I burned about 2,000 calories today which should just about compensate for the pint of Cherry Garcia I just put away watching House. Oh well...I deserve it :-)


  1. Ok...I was laughing so hard at this post. Too funny! Love how descriptive you were!

  2. You've got to love those kinda days. Busy busy!! Glad you got Nia calmed down I cannot stand for a baby to miss her mommy....it seriously brakes my heart and I don't handle it well. Sounds like you did a great job. You'd think after 3 kids I could handle that like a charm.


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