Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day: Part I

One of the advantages of being married means you get to double (or triple, quadruple, etc.) your holiday fun. Thanksgiving is one example. Eric's family knows that trying to get everyone together on the actual day of Thanksgiving is near impossible. So...his Aunt and Uncle have a little Pre-Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before the actual holiday. This works out great every year because everyone can always make it. Usually, this event lasts a good 6 hours. An hour or two of drinking and gathering together, 2 hours of eating (second helpings, third helpings, digesting time, dessert, second dessert helpings, etc.) and then another hour or two of after-dinner drinking and/or sleeping. Well...we realized this year that our 6 hour dinner was going to have to turn into a scheduled, no-messing around, planned 3.5 hour dinner. Why you ask? Because now the family has 4 babies under the age of 18 months. And by next Thanksgiving (once Dana has baby #2) we will have 4 toddlers AND an 8-month old. Once the kids are old enough to be wooed by food and other activities, we can bring back the 6 hour dinner. But in the mean time, while our little babies require an afternoon nap, we have to be more efficient because by 4:00 p.m. yesterday (we arrived at 1:00 and ate around 2:30), all hell broke loose. There was whining, crying, fussing, get the idea. These babies were O.V.E.R. Thanksgiving! Its a good thing they all looked so darn cute yesterday or we might have had to beat their little butts (disclaimer: I don't beat my child. This was just a joke/expression/figure of least for now :-) Addison finally got to wear her little "Thanksgiving Dress" and she looked like such a big girl in it!! Nia (a.k.a Flash Dance) also had an adorable dress on but when she started sweating from running around, Dana took it off for her. I love the picture of them looking out the window. I think they were planning their escape :-) And all fussing aside, it was such a fun Thanksgiving with all the kiddies here. Holidays really are SO much more fun with them running around. They just give us another reason to be incredibly thankful for what God has given us :-) Now I can't wait for Turkey Day: Part II!!!


  1. OMG THEY ARE FREAKIN ADORABLE!! Addie looks so darn cute in that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Soooo cute and my first experience reading your blog! Luv it girly! Addie is getting so big and grown up. Wish we could get her and the P man together more often. So much fun right now. U must be so thankful for all your family! Enjoy it all while u can even if it does get a big hectic! I'm hoping to get a x-mas picture of Addie (hint, hint)?????? Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  3. First, I love Addie's dress... it is adorable on her... or she makes the dress adorable.

    Second I LOVE that in your Thanksgiving pictures there is a very nice Christmas tree...

    It made my day!


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