Friday, December 26, 2008

A Dirty Little Trick

Let me start by explaining that I LOVE scratch off lottery tickets. Everyone in my family knows this. So, when Adam and Di put a scratch off ticket in my stocking Christmas Eve, I couldn't wait to scratch it off to see if I won. I was feelin lucky...
It was a poker scratch off ticket so after I revealed all my cards, I looked at Eric and said "I have 3 queens and 2 tens...what does that mean?" He said "That's a full house babe". So I looked down at the key and saw that a full house means I won...
$1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at Adam and Di and they both had this weird look on their face. They weren't as excited for me as I thought they would be. Then it dawned on me...they are probably SO pissed they gave me a winning ticket! It could have been their $1000! So I immediately offered to share it with them. In fact, I offered to drive down to 7 Eleven and cash it in right then and there. But before I went to go get my coat on, Eric told me I should read the back of the card to see where to cash it in.
The card reads, "Prizes may be redeemed, subject to validation, at any retailer dumb enough to think this is a real lottery ticket. All winners are subject to ridicule, mockery and laughter by any and all bystanders, friends and family".  I think I would have been mad if I weren't laughing so hard. What a dirty little trick!!! Thank God he didn't let me drive to 7 Eleven!!
Adam knew if there was anyone dumb enough to fall for this would be me. And I knew if there was anyone equally dumb to fall for this would be Dana. Unfortunately, she was smarter than me and I couldn't fool her. Shoot! I should have given her a few cocktails first. Haha! Good trick Adam...I'll get ya back :-)

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  1. Dang, I was getting so excited for you. I think I seriously might have cried. You poor thing, you definitely handled it better than I would've. Have a very Happy New Year!!


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