Saturday, January 31, 2009

Addie's Playroom Part Three: The Big Reveal!!!

Yes my friends...Addie's playroom is FINALLY done!! Woohoo! And I think it turned out even cuter than I imagined. This may be picture overload, but I wanted to make sure to get shots from every angle :-)

Grandma and Grandpa Davis got Addie this adorable tea party table for Christmas (along with a few other things shown below) and I think it looks just precious on her polka dot rug. I can't wait until she is big enough to sit and drink tea with her dollies.

This is the best picture I could get of the entire bookshelf/toy chest unit all filled up. I didn't waste any space as you can see. My dad made the bookshelves adjustable so they could fit all of her cute canvas baskets. Oh, and check out the gorgeous curtains my mom made. They match the scallops and everything!!

This is just a closer shot of the table and window seat. We still have to make a cushion for it. 

And here is the arts and crafts nook. Grandma and Grandpa Davis also got Addie the matching chalkboard and desk. I can't decide which is cuter! I can just picture her sitting at her desk refusing to do homework. So cute!!

And since Aunt Dana LOVES buying Addie cute bags, I decided to hang some pegs so that I could display all of them. The butterfly bag is my favorite!!

This is a blank wall at the moment so I thought I would spice it up with some flower decals. I think they give the room a nice touch :-)

And last but not least, here is a close up of the bottom of the bookshelves. My Dad actually built toy boxes on each side to store stuffed animals. And as you can see, Addie had PLENTY to fill it with :-)

So there you go! The first look at Addie's completed playroom! I honestly could not have done all this without the generous gift of furniture from my mother and father in law, the unbelievable handy work of my Daddy-O, the amazing sewing talent of my Mamacita, and the reluctant, but fabulous help from my hubby. I would also like to thank my idol...Miss Martha Stewart...for all her decorating inspiration. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

One Busy Little Lady

It turns out that Addie has a busier schedule then I do these days. She has literally been booked all week with lunch dates, play dates, meetings, shopping name it. On Monday she had a meeting with Grandpa to discuss her playroom project and then once he was done installing her shelves and toy box, she had to inspect his work. Then on Tuesday, she went to the fabric store with Grandma to pick out the material for her curtains. And since she didn't see anything she liked, she went to another store later in the week. On Wednesday, Addie invited her friend Kennedy over for some waffles and play time. Kennedy loved the piggie bank she got for Christmas.

Kennedy is such a little doll. She is learning all kinds of new words and her latest word My friend Lindsey will say "why does Daddy go to work?" and Kennedy will say "money!!!"

This is what happens to all babies who try to take Kennnedy's money...they get pile drived. Hahaha! Don't worry, Addie was laughing under there :-) And speaking of laughing, Addie was having a blast at her Thursday play date with cousin Nia and her friend Megan.

Yes...I am well aware that my daughter looks like a boy in this picture. I don't know if it is the 4 wheeler or the overalls...but either way...she looks like a boy. I promise, those are girl's overalls. I got them on sale at Gap and thought they were so cute with the little matching daisy t-shirt. I guess next time I will have to put a bow in her hair or something.

I think the best part of any play date is getting to experience everyone else's toys. Nia got this little Flinstone car from Santa and the girls loved it!!! They refused to take turns so we just put them both in together.

Nia insisted on driving and Addie didn't mind. She prefers being the backseat driver just like her mommy :-)

Here are the girls trying to decide where to go. They couldn't come to an agreement so they let Megan have a turn.

While Megan drove around, Nia and Addie found something else to do.

I think the next time Dana and I go to the mall, we will let the girls push each other in the stroller.

Addie was loving the stroller ride. She didn't want to stop! That is until Aunt Dana pulled out the Popsicles :-)

So this is how we ended our afternoon yesterday. You would think that Addie would have slept great last night, considering all the energy she burned off this week. Ha! Not my daughter! I guess she was just too busy planning her weekend :-) 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tori and Dean...Where Are You??!!

Remember how I said I was in love with reality TV? Remember how I said that blogging was better and that I honestly don't need reality TV anymore? Well...that was only sorta half true. Blogging IS better...but I still think I need a little reality TV in my life. At least late at night anyway. I use to watch re-runs of Tori and Dean on Oxygen and in the process of doing so...I really started to like Tori Spelling! I even catch myself turning on Oxygen to see if they run any promos about season 4. So tonight, when I was DESPERATE for something to watch at 10:00, I turned on Oxygen and caught an episode of the Bad Girls Club. These poor girls are like a train wreck you can't look away from. But I watched anyway!!! In one hour I heard about 60 bleeped out words, watched two cat fights AND saw a set of boobs. Is this really all I have to look forward to late at night? Tori and Dean....where are you????!!!!

A Fabulous Monogramed Giveaway!!

No...I am not the one giving anything away right now, although I am seriously considering it. I have something FABULOUS in my "gift closet" that may need a good home soon. Hmmm....

But for now, I do want to share a link with you all. House of Rose, published by one of my real life BFFs, is giving away an AWESOME prize. One lucky reader will win 20 monogramed flat cards designed by non other than Nina!! I have talked about my friend Nina a million times so I know you know her by name. Anyway, I highly recommend checking out House of Rose today so you can enter to win. Good luck!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Chic Diaper Bags

I could make a list a mile long of cute diaper bags. I see them all over the place. And I don't know about you, but I am always in a different diaper bag mood. Some days I want to carry a bag that is bright and fun with a million pockets to hold all of Addie's toys, sippy cups, Cheerio containers, etc. But other days, when I only feel like carrying Addie's necessities, I look for something more chic. I spent some time searching for my top 5 chic diaper bags today and here is what I found. 

1. The Addison Spectator Bag by Coach
This bag is SO me. It is pink, it is a Coach, and it is named "Addison". I am not sure the price tag or the material are practical for every day diaper bag use, but damn is it CUTE!!! Me likey.

2. The Society Satchel in Midnight Blackberry by Cake (Petunia Picklebottom)
My sister-in-law Dana has this fabulous bag and I assure you it is even more cute in person. I love all the great compartments and the fact that it can double as a very chic purse. She always looks cute carrying it :-) You can check out other views at

3. The Clinton Street Baby Bag by Kate Spade
Also a heafty price tag, but OH so cute. I love Kate Spade and all the bags I own by her hold up beautifully. This bag is made of black nylon so it will be very easy to clean up spills and other baby-made stains.

4. The Black Microfiber Napa Tote by Vera Bradley
I love Vera Bradley as much as the next old lady, but I sometimes think that their patterns get a little wild from time to time. So when I saw this new microfiber tote, I was contemplating driving to me nearest Hallmark to check it out!! I love the front zipper pouch for keys and a cell phone :-)

5. The "Addie" Bag by Janlyn Designs
Yes folks, this is the diaper bag my mom made for me when I was pregnant. She knows how much I love the black/white/hot pink combo and she even monogramed it especially for Addie! As soon as she launches her Etsy store, I promise to post the link so you can buy a diaper bag for yourself :-)

There you have it! Another Too Cute Tuesday under my belt! I hope you liked it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie's Playroom Part Two: The Shelving Units

Well folks...he's done it again. My Dad...the master carpenter...has turned yet another room in my house into a work of art. When I came to my Dad about a month ago with a rough sketch of what I would like for Addie's playroom, I wasn't sure if he would be able to do what I wanted. I knew I wanted a window seat/toy box, two shelving units that didn't quite go to the ceiling, and a larger shelf to display some of Addie's breakable items (like her piggy bank collection from uncle Ryan, music globe from Grandma Davis, etc.) Unfortunately, the only heating vent in the room was right in front of the window (of course) and the two outlets I would need for a lamp and TV were going to be covered by the bookcases. I was a little worried that this plan wouldn't work out but I should have known better. Pops always know how to make it happen.
I have come to realize that no carpenter can do it alone. They all have a go-to guy that they can call on for anything. And that is where my brother Adam comes in. He is quite the carpenter himself (taught by the best of course) so he stopped by the house today to give Pops a hand.

See the wires sticking out of the wall above the bookcase? Yeah...that is the outlet my Dad installed so that I have a place to plug in the lamp I was talking about. And wouldn't you know...he put another outlet above the other bookcase for the TV. Pretty good huh? Well take a look at the finished product!!!!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!!!! Pottery Barn Kids has NOTHING on my Dad. I know Addie is too young to realize how spoiled she is, but hopefully when she is old enough to talk, she will brag about the CUSTOM bookcases and toy chest her grandpa installed for her. I know I will be bragging to every person who will listen :-)

And speaking of that fabulous window seat/toy chest, take a closer look at it. See anything interesting? Notice the vent on the bottom right corner? I mean he not amazing? Who the hell would think to do that???

So here is my proud papa with his very spoiled grandbaby. She has no idea how lucky she is to have such wonderful grandparents (on both sides) that love to spoil her rotten. And even though Addie doesn't realize it yet...I sure do. I have the most WONDERFUL parents in the world. are honestly the most hardworking, talented and creative carpenter I know. I am so lucky to have you as my handy man...and father. I love you to pieces Pop!!! Thanks for the fabulous addition to the playroom! And in the infamous words of Vince looks Phenomenal. Now on to the final stage of the playroom...DECORATING! Mama...this is where you come in :-)

* By the way Dad is for hire!! If you live in the Chicagoland area and you are looking for a good carpenter (or two) just let me know :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nothin But Bloomers & A Party Hat

A while back, I saw the most precious photos in the window of a local photographer. They were of a baby girl in bloomers and a party hat eating a cupcake. My niece Nia had similar pictures taken when she turned 1 and they were freaking adorable. So, I decided to search out the perfect pair of bloomers and party hat for Addie's pics. 

Are these not the CUTEST bloomers you have ever seen?!! Polka dots are my thing so when I came across these on, I was sold. And since they are pink, I had to find the perfect pink party hat.

Bingo!!! It says "Birthday Princess" on it which is SOOO appropriate :-) I can't wait for Uncle Ryan to take the pictures. We still haven't even hit 11 months yet so I need to calm down for a bit. Don't worry...I will post all the adorable pics once we take them. And speaking of 1st birthday pics, anyone else have any cute ideas?? I would love to hear them.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our New Favorite Game

I was pretty impressed the other day when I watched Nia play the "Clean-up" Game with Dana. I had toys all over my living room and before they left, Dana said "Okay Nia...time for our game." Then she sang the "Clean-up" song and Nia went around the room and put all the toys in the basket. I was so impressed...I decided to start teaching Addison how to do it too. So last night I sang the "Clean up" song nice and loud as I put all of her toys away. She just sat and watched me with a big smile on her face. I thought "Wow...maybe she is getting it! Maybe she will think it is a game." After we were done, I left the room to grab the phone and this is what I found when i came back. Turns out I was half right. She does think it is a game and she does think it's fun. She is just getting one part wrong...the toys are suppose to go IN the basket. I guess we will have to work on that

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Better Than Reality TV

I absolutely love reality TV. I is a sick obsession and I should be ashamed of myself. But I can't help it! I am fascinated with other people's lives. I can still remember the first reality show I ever watched. It was Real World San Francisco and one of the main characters, Pedro, had AIDS. When Pedro passed away, MTV did a memorial for him and I remember watching it and crying. I had never met this person in real life, but I felt like I knew him. I felt the same way about Trista, the first Bachelorette. I remember watching her fall in love with Ryan, then I watched her marry him on that ABC special and then I read all about her pregnancy and birth stories in People magazine. I felt like I knew her too. In fact, Eric makes fun of me constantly because I always talk about these reality TV stars like they are my friends. Just the other day he asked why I bought organic lollipops and I said "Kate gives them to her kids and I just wanted to see what they are like". He then asked me who Kate was and I said "you know...Kate...from Jon and Kate Plus 8." He just laughed and rolled his eyes. He thinks I am nuts and I guess I can't blame him. I is a bit strange to get so attached to people you have never met before. Or is it?

I am not sure if anyone realizes this, but this is my 200th post! I started this blog a little over 7 months ago and I started it for two reasons: 1) To post pictures and stories of Addison for my friends and family and 2) To have an outlet for my writing. I had no idea that in the process of starting this little blog, I would learn so much about myself...and others. It turns out that this blogosphere I live in every day is filled with a bunch of mini reality shows. But the difference is...these people are real. Their stories are real. There are no scripts, no cameras, no censors, no editors, etc. These are people like me...who just love to share stories, ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. We don't care if 2 or 2,000 people visit our blog everyday...we just write because we love it. It is who we are...or rather who we have become. I have had a few people in the last month or so tell me that they read my blog every day. I can't begin to tell you how satisfying that is to hear. To think that there are people out there who care about what I have to say or better yet...who care about me. I think what this new blog world has shown me is that people really can care for others...even if they have never met them before. 

I am sure you are all wondering what provoked such a deep post today, so I suppose I should explain. One night, a couple of months ago, I stumbled across a blog when I was googling "Roseola". Its called Another Ordinary Miracle. The mom who publishes this blog had posted about her son getting Roseola and that is why it came up. And as I was reading and looking around, I got into her story. I read at least a years worth of posts all in one night. It turns out that this mom has had a very difficult time getting pregnant and has been through a lot the past two years. She is always so open and honest and her posts bring me to tears all the time. I have truly thought about her and prayed for her like I would any friend. And I am not alone. I have seen over a hundred different people comment on her blog saying the same thing as me. Isn't that amazing? This one person started a little blog to tell the story of her life and hundreds of people from all over the world are praying for her and thinking of her. She recently posted about two families who are going through some difficult times of their own. Kelly and Scott and Jenna and Chris both had babies this past week who are in the NICU. Kelly's blog has over a thousand followers!!! She said in one of her posts that her blog had over 100,000 hits in ONE day! She had hundreds of comments from people letting her know that they are praying for her new baby girl Harper. And you know what...that baby girl is turning around! Both babies have made excellent progress today and both families truly believe that it is from all the prayers, thoughts and/or positive vibes people are sending their way. Both families have talked about how amazing it is to receive so much support from strangers and I think they would agree that blogging has changed their lives too and taught them something about themselves...and others. You see...this is why everyone needs to start blogging. It really is better than reality TV :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Party at Audrey's Crib!

It's been a while since Dana, Katie and I were able to get the girls together for a play date and since it was another cold, boring winter day...we thought it would be nice to get together and let the girls have some fun. We spent most of the morning drinking coffee while Audrey, Addison and Nia chased each other around the living room, shared each others sippy cups, ate cheerios and played in Audrey's bedroom. We tried to get the girls together for a picture but we realized it is IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 fully mobile babies to sit in the same place at one time. So Dana had a brilliant idea...throw them in the crib!! 

The crib turned out to be a pretty happening place! The girls were actually having a blast playing with Audrey's mobile and light-up rainforest toy. I was able to snap the first picture right away and it turned out SO cute! Let's just hope this is the only picture of all three of them behind bars :-)

I was able to snap one more picture with all 3 of them looking forward, although Audrey sure had something to say in the last one :-) She is such a little ham. I tried to get one more shot but as I was playing with my camera, Nia tried to escape...

Little stinkers! I guess the crib is only fun for about 5-6 minutes (just like every other activity). Oh least we got one picture!! 

Play dates are really so much fun with the girls at this age. They just love being around each other. And even though us mommies were all tired from chasing the girls all morning, it was well worth the LONG naps they all took this afternoon. We realized we need to do this more often, even if it is just to tire the girls out. Haha! Next's party in Addison's crib!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing: Too Cute Tuesdays

I have been meaning to debut "Too Cute Tuesdays" for a couple of weeks now but the past two Tuesdays have been important days. Last Tuesday was Addie's 10 month update and then the Tuesday before that was my farewell message to my BFF Tiffany. I would have missed today too if I hadn't pulled out my "Too Cute" list to jot down a website and realized " is Tuesday!! I need to post" You see, I have a little notebook that I keep in my planner and every time I find a cute item, website, store, etc...I jot it down. I have posted some of the things off my list here and there but I thought it might be fun to have a designated day where I share some of my "Too Cute" finds. And I promise to always give credit where credit is due because a lot of times, my finds are from other blogs (Nina...I'm talking about you girlfriend). So...without further is my very first Too Cute Tuesday post.

Today's Theme: Playroom Organization

What else would I post today? Everyone knows I am totally focused on Addie's playroom right now so I thought I would post some of the adorable (and inexpensive) items I have come across.

Chalkboard Basket Labels

These are too cute for words! I love how simple yet effective they are. I like to use lots of different baskets so using labels like these would make them all look cohesive on the same shelf. You can buy these at Pottery Barn Kids (set of 2 for $8.00) or you can make them yourself. I have seen small chalkboards at Hobby Lobby for $1 (especially around back-to-school) and you can buy a whole spool of twine for around $1.50.

Flower Wall Pegs

These flower wall pegs are not only cute...they are multifunctional! You can use them to hang coats or organize purses and totes. You can also hang them over a dresser to organize necklaces and other jewelry. You can find these at Land of Nod ($9.95 each) or you can find them at Michael's in their unfinished wood section for around $2 each. If you are willing to do a little painting, you can get 5 for the price of 1. Seems worth it to me!

Hand Painted Bookends

Don't have enough books to fill a shelf? These hand painted bookends will solve your problem! You can find these Garden Party book ends at Frog and The Princess ($95 a set). No...I did not type that price incorrectly. They are $95. If I were rolling in dough, I wouldn't think twice about purchasing these PERFECT book ends for my garden theme playroom.

Stackable Storage
I don't know what I love more about these stackable storage pieces from Company Kids...the fact that you can chose any color combination, or the fact that you can mix and match any of the individual storage pieces to build your own unit. I mean, not everyone has a Dad that can custom make your shelving units so it is nice to have options :-) Prices range from $79-$129.

Well there you have it! A few items that are just Too Cute to pass up. Next Tuesdays theme will be...(guess you will have to wait and see :-)

Dreaming of Spring

Uncle Ryan came over yesterday to take some photos for Addie's 1st Birthday invitations. Since we are having a garden party, I thought it was only appropriate to put her in one of her spring dresses. I tried hard to ignore the snow outside as I dreamed about flowers, little sun dresses and temperatures above 20 degrees. I know March 7th will still be a long way from margaritas by the pool, but at least it will be a bit closer than it feels right now :-(

So anyway, here is one of my favorite pictures form the day because you can literally see all of Addie's teeth :-) Ryan got so many great shots it is going to be hard to choose which one will make the invitation. Thanks for coming over Uncle Ry! Love ya!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Addie and Maddie's Lunch Date

My friend Deanna and I finally managed to get our girls together for a lunch date today! Although, today wasn't just any lunch was a post birthday celebration for Maddie! She is now 1 year old! I can't believe it. I still remember going to the hospital to meet her for the first time. I was pregnant and counting the days until my baby girl arrived. I remember Addie kicking me very hard while I was holding Maddie. I even told Deanna that she must want to come out and play :-)
As you can see, the girls had a blast at Red Robin. They played with each other's hair clip, held hands and shared their Cheerios. Well actually...Addie kept stealing Maddie's Cheerios but that's okay. She didn't mind :-)
It was so much fun watching the girls interact with each other today. They are both getting so big!!! I can't believe what a difference a year makes. Now we only have to wait another month and a half and Addie will be 1 too!! Yay! Another reason to get the girls together. Thanks for a fabulous lunch date ladies. We really need to do that more often :-)

P.S. And to the waitress at Red Robin, I apologize for the handful of Cheerios on the floor, the broken Vinegar and Oil bottles I knocked off the table, and the sippy cup that Addie chucked at one of your other customers. You earned every bit of your tip today sweetie :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

All About the Boobies

When I was pregnant, I was asked the same three questions over and over again: "When are you due," "Is it a boy or a girl," and "Do you plan on breastfeeding." I was always very surprised by this question because it seemed so personal. The idea of breastfeeding always made me feel...well...uncomfortable for some reason. I mean...I couldn't even look at the breastfeeding pamphlet my O.B. gave me because it was so graphic. It just looked SO painful! And then when I read the section on how to soothe sore, cracked, bleeding nipples...I was like "Heeeelllll no!" But all breastfeeding mothers always say the same thing...that breastfeeding is a rewarding, wonderful bonding experience and I should at least give it a try. Plus, I honestly wasn't ready to deal with all the lectures on why I should breastfeed so anytime I was asked if I was going to nurse, I would simply say "I am going to try!" This response usually pacified people. I figured if Addie nursed well...I would keep going. But if she didn't, I would switch right to formula and not feel guilty about it for one second.

So when the day finally came for Addie to make her appearance, I was overwhelmed with all kinds of new mommy feelings and emotions. I instantly changed. I use to be the most modest person...always self conscious about my body. But as most mothers would agree, once you have a baby, you lose ALL modesty. I was just letting stuff hang out all over the place and Eric would have to be like "here honey, let me throw a blanket over you." I just didn't care. Motherly instinct kicked in and I didn't care about anything else but Addie. I remember the nurse coming in for the first time to show me how to breastfeed. I thought it would hurt so much more than it did. I think it was just all the adrenaline and hormones running through my body. I was determined to make it work and after a week of figuring things out...we were in a groove. I was breastfeeding! I couldn't believe it! And it was as special as everyone said it would be. I really feel like Addie and I bonded a lot that first month, since newborns have to nurse every two hours. And since it was going so well, I didn't want to do anything to mess it up. So, I refused to give her a bottle for the first 6 weeks. I didn't want her to get confused and have to start all over again so I just nursed her when she was hungry. This of course made Daddy exempt from all night feedings (which I know he was secretly happy about). And actually...I was happy too. I never really minded waking up to cuddle with her. It was our time together and I just kept thinking that in another couple of weeks, when she was sleeping the night and/or taking a bottle, we wouldn't have these moments together as often. Little did I know :-)

You not giving Addie a bottle for the first month and a half of her life, she decided she didn't want a bottle at all. She only wanted the boob. Eric said he couldn't blame her. Sick man. But anyway, this left me with quite a dilemma. So I went to Babies R Us and bought literally every bottle they made. I tried different brands, different nipples, different temperatures of name it. She just wasn't having it. And by this time, I had made the decision to become a SAHM so I figured I would just keep nursing and figure it out later. Well here we are, a month and a half away from her first birthday, and I am still breastfeeding. 

Yes...I am STILL breastfeeding. Now I know what you are thinking. You are either thinking "Wow is fantastic that you are still nursing and giving your baby such a healthy start to life" or "Way to follow The American Academy of Pediatrics advice on breastfeeding for a year. Go you!". Or you may be on the other side of the fence thinking "Holy s*%t are still breastfeeding!! Why????" My friends and family have always been very supportive of me through my first year of motherhood and even though no one has ever said anything to me about being a freak for nursing so long, my mom did call me the other day to tell me to watch 20/20 because it was "about motherhood". So I watched the show like she suggested and it was about a mother who was still breastfeeding her 7 year old son! Umm...thanks for the "advice" mom...but I have no intention of breastfeeding Addison until she is 7. In fact, I didn't even plan on breastfeeding until she was 1...but here I am. Still going. And honestly, I think it is a pretty amazing accomplishment, considering I didn't even know if I wanted to breastfeed in the first place. Addie and I have a wonderful bond, I saved about a million dollars by not having to buy formula AND I lost some weight in the process. And even though I have really enjoyed breastfeeding, I feel like I am ready to get my body back. I want to be able to leave Addie for a whole day and not have to worry about pumping. I want to be able to drink a glass (or bottle) of wine with dinner. And most of all, I want a little me-time before we decide to try for number 2. I think I have earned it. Plus, if I am ever going to join that competitive bowling league...I can't do it with a baby hanging off my boob.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Creative Juices Running Dry

Sorry friends...but my creative juices are running dry tonight. I have been working on my lesson plan for class tomorrow and my brain is fried. Me need sleepy. I promise to post tomorrow with something fun and/or interesting. Sweet dreams!

Addie's Playroom Part One: The Paint Job

After two days of painting, Addie's playroom is finally done! My Dad and I started on the first day by patching and sanding the millions of little holes in the wall. Then we painted the ceiling and green layer on the walls. We didn't have to roll all the way to the ceiling since I decided to go with a blue scallop border. The scallop was an excellent idea in theory, but the execution was a lot more time consuming than we anticipated.
In order to make all of the scallops even, we had to do lots of measuring, tracing and taping. We started by drawing a straight line all the way around the room so that the scallops could all have the same starting point. My mom then made a "template" out of a dinner plate and traced each scallop around the room.
After the scallops were traced, we used quilting tape to outline each one. We then went back with blue painters tape so that there was a little more room for error while painting the blue.
After the blue was dry, we removed the tape and my dad went back with a small crafting brush to touch up any spots where the blue bled through the tape. We brainstormed for a night or so trying to decide what to paint on each of the scallop points. It just seemed like it needed something more. We first painted pink dots on each of the points and as cute as it still wasn't quite right. Luckily, I had a great idea in the middle of the night and drove first thing in the morning to pick up a bunch of little pink wooden daisies. I put up the first one and my mom and I looked at each other and said "oh yeah...that is perfect". I think the flowers are a very cute touch and they will go great with the garden theme I have in mind.
So there you have it! Part one of Addie's play room is done! The next step is getting the window seat and built-in shelving units installed. I promise to post pics of that when it is finished :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Mr. Howard

In some cases, I think Howie is pretty lucky. Being only a foot tall has its advantages. He can easily walk under the table so that he can eat everyone's scraps of food. He can fit behind the couch (where he hides all of his bones and other toys that don't belong to him). He can fit on anyone's lap which means he gets LOTS of love. So as you can see...its good to be Mr. Howard. However, when we get over a foot of snow in just 3 days, life takes a turn for the worse for the little guy. You see...even though Howie would prefer go in the house, we make him go outside to go to the bathroom. And when Daddy isn't home to shovel a path, this is what the poor guy has to deal with. It may look like he is having fun in the pictures but I assure soon as he came in the house...he gave me the middle paw pad. Sorry little guy!