Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Did We Do Before Google?

Can someone please tell me what we did before...

I was browsing through our google search history (to find a recipe I looked up the other day) and I just had to laugh at the RANDOM stuff that Eric and I have googled over the past few days. Here are my Top 10:

1. What is mascarpone? (Jen)
2. PGA Tour Money List (Eric)
3. Best toddler pool toys (Jen)
4. PGA Tour schedule (Eric)
5. Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince movie Trailer (Jen)
6. PGA Tour scores (Eric)
7. Dingos double meaty bones (Howie)
8. Symptoms of a concussion (Jen)
9. PGA Tour recap (Eric)
10. Why won't my toddler nap? (Jen)

Like I said...what did we do before Google? I would never have learned that mascarpone is a soft cheese from Italy, that Pool-a-Hoops is one of the best toddler pool toys, that the next Harry Potter comes out in July...and it looks AWESOME, that Addie does NOT have a concussion AND that it is normal for her to refuse naps while teething. Whew! I don't know how my life could have gone on without these answers. Oh, and I am sure Eric would have lost a ton of sleep over not knowing the money list, schedule, scores AND recap of the PGA Tour that he actually WATCHED LIVE ON TV! But as much as I laugh at our random Google searches, they aren't near as funny as the list I found online (by googling of course). Here are the 5 funniest ones I could find:

1. Where did I put my car keys?
2. What is the number for 911?
3. How many horns does a unicorn have?
4. Will it rain on (fill in the date)?
5. Is William Shakespeare dead?

I could have listed about a thousand hilarious google hits, but these happen to be my fav. Have any of you every searched something totally random on Google and almost felt embarrassed by it? I once typed in "When was World War III". Yes...I DO have a college degree...just not in history obviously :-)

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