Friday, May 15, 2009

May Sweeps = Nothing Gets Done

Thanks to an amazing invention called TiVo...I can now be Super Mom by day and TV junkie by night. During normal broadcast months, I am comfortable waiting to watch shows until I have the time. But during May Sweeps (or season finale week) I put all other things aside. I suppose I owe my beautiful baby girl a big thank you for going to bed by 7:00 p.m. each night this week in order to feed Mommy's addiction. I was able to catch the season finales of all 5 of my favorite shows and here is my take on all of them (SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read on if you have any of these shows TiVoed :-)

First up:


In yesterday's post, I talked about how excited I was to FINALLY witness a Booth and Brennan love scene. And while I did catch a small glimpse of this, it was a dream/comma-induced hallucination...which in my opinion DOES NOT COUNT!! Shame on you Fox!! We have waited 4 long years for these two characters to finally express their love for each other and all we get is a dream? My fellow Bones fanatic friend Angela believes whole heartedly that there is a bigger plan in place for Season 5. Perhaps this dream sequence was a vision of what's to come for these two characters (in one way or another) and boy do I hope she is right because as of right now...Eric and I are thinking about revoking our Bones Fan cards. 

Grey's Anatomy

I have to say that this was one of the best season finales of Grey's ever!!! It doesn't replace the Mer/Der love scene at the prom or Denny's grand exit in Season 3's finale, but it comes pretty darn close. And I have to give my hubby credit...he knew the bus guy was George the minute they brought him in. I still have no idea how he knew that...but he did. And he was right!! I got pretty choked up at the end when everyone realized it was him too. Oh, and even though I kinda-sorta called Izzie's memory loss, I never expected for her to actually flat line too!! But...I still believe she is coming back next season. George, on the other hand, is a goner. He was already standing outside the elevator. In his uniform. Looking happy and content. He was in heaven. He was waiting for Izzie to join him. But did you see the hesitation in her eyes? She is going back up.  Alex may still have the chance to smother her with a pillow later down the road. As for Mer/Der...I am happy they at least attempted a wedding and stayed together through the whole finale. Nice change of pace :-) Anyone else happy with how this finale turned out? Or were you pissed that there are still so many unanswered questions? Or do you simply not give a crap?


This was the first season of Fringe and I am SO happy to see that it will be returning this fall. Eric and I love this show. It has totally replaced X-Files for me (I know...I am a loser...I have admitted it many times). I thought the finale was incredible and it really made me think. If there are two realities to this world, and there is another "me" walking around somewhere, I would love to meet her. Would you want to meet the other you? Sorry...turning into a Sci-Fi geek now. But if you like that sort of thing, you totally need to check out this show.

Ghost Whisperer all already know my feelings about Ghost Whisperer. I freaking love this show. But judging by the chirping crickets and lack of comments the last time I posted about GW...I know to keep it short. The finale was good...but not great. I am thrilled that Melinda is pregnant (baby bumps are cute even if they are fake) and I am happy her and Jim/Sam/Jim got married/re-married. But I do think there could have been a liiiiiitle more excitement in a season finale. I would like to know where Jennifer Love Hewitt got her maternity clothes though.

Prison Break

It was a bittersweet night for me. Eric and I are SOOOO very sad to see Prison Break go, but we both know deep down that it is time. I mean many times can one man break in and out of prison? The horse is's time to stop beating it. But like all Series Finales, I am looking for closure and this show hasn't always been about closure. Every time you think these guys are free, someone betrays them and they are sent running again. So to finally see Michael, Lincoln, Alex, Sara and the rest of the gang set free...that's what I call closure. I also like when finale's jump ahead a few years to see how everyone is doing and they did that tonight!! Although, I sort of wish they wouldn't have because the last scene was everyone gathered around Michael's grave. Damn brain bleed!! WHY??!!!

Okay...that's enough talk about TV. I am actually a little embarrassed that I just recapped all of those shows because it makes it painfully obvious what I have been doing with my free time this week. Not cleaning. Not doing my laundry. Not writing my book. So now I have to spend my whole weekend making up for what I failed to do while I was in my TV comma this week. That's was totally worth it. And I have a long summer of reruns so I can assure you this won't happen again. Wait...doesn't the Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance start soon?


  1. ooo can't wait for SYTYCD. That's my favorite TV show ever. I love love love watching them dance! :)

  2. I'm laughing at how much we are alike! I am OBSESSED with tv and I get so involved with the storylines and drama!! Bones will get better - you and your hubby better not give up on it just yet :)

  3. Yes! So You Think You Can Dance starts this Thursday! Yay! I'm so very very excited! I loved last season!

    Katee, the gal who "won", is from my city and I actually saw her at the mall one was so weird!

  4. So glad I am not the only one who watches wayyy to much tv. I have "my shows" every night. It is bad. What in the world are we going to do this summer??


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