Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

First trimester exhaustion officially set in this weekend so I am afraid I was not a very good photographer during all of our wonderful Mother's Day festivities :-) But I will do my best to recap our fun day.

For starters, Eric bought me a WONDERFUL Mother's Day gift. A new kitchen faucet. I is right up there with the hot water heater for our anniversary. Just another reminder that I am getting very, very old :-) Addie got me not one, but TWO boxes of Godiva chocolates! The girl knows me too well already :-) 

After opening gifts, Grandma and Grandpa Mueller came over for a delicious breakfast. My fabulous hubby not only cooked the breakfast, but also served me at the table AND....drum roll please...DID THE DISHES!! Why can't it be Mother's Day every day?

As I said, my exhaustion set in big time this weekend so after I stuffed myself full of waffles, bacon and a few Godiva truffles, I got to take a 2 hour nap!!!! I haven't taken a nap since Addie was a newborn and I honestly forgot how much I love sleeping!!

Once I was rested, dressed and ready to go, we headed off to our second Mother's Day celebration with Eric's family!! Grandma Davis was SO excited to see her girls :-)

The weather was finally nice yesterday so Addie got to do a little cruising around the yard in between parties.

With my Blackberry in hand of course :-)

I realized today that next year on Mother's Day, I will have a 2-year-old AND a 4-month-old!! How crazy is that?!! I will be a mommy of 2! I am getting tired just thinking about it. Haha! Well I hope everyone had as nice of a Mother's Day as I did!! Back to cooking, cleaning and doing dishes on my own. Damn!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Take and enjoy these days as you get them :) Happy Belated Mom's Day!!


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