Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addie's Playroom Turned Bedroom

When I started designing Addie's playroom, I knew I would eventually be turning it into her bedroom once Eric and I decided to try for Baby #2. With that in mind, I tried to stick with a garden theme and use similar colors so that all of her nursery decor could easily transition into the new room. Here is a look at what Addie's Nursery looked like...

So cute isn't it? I think this room makes one sweet nursery, which is another reason I decided to use it for baby #2. Anyway, I wanted to be sure to reuse as much as I could in the playroom and aside from buying new furniture, I was able to reuse just about everything!

Here is Addie hopping around her new crib...

I added some hot pink ribbon to Addie's letters to give it a nice pop and tie in with the rest of the room. I also like how the hot pink makes the room less soft and more big-girl like :-)

And here is a view from her door...

The crib fits in that cubby like a glove. I think it is so cozy for her.

And here is the new dresser with plenty of hooks behind the door for Addie's million bags and purses. Like mother, like daughter :-)

I think the best part about this bedroom is the size. I was able to keep Addie's tea table set up and it goes perfectly with the rest of the room.

I used the extra wall in the room for her special, hand-painted dollhouse bookshelf. I know we really didn't need another bookshelf in her room (considering all the beautiful shelves my dad put in) but it just matched so perfectly...I figured one more shelf couldn't hurt. As you can see, we found plenty of toys to fill it :-)

Overall, I am THRILLED with how well everything transitioned from the nursery to Addie's big girl room. I now have everything organized and in its place and after only one night of confusion, Addie is perfectly content in her new bed. Here is a picture of the happy customer...

Now...in 2 1/2 weeks when we find out the sex of baby #2...it will be on to the next project!! 


  1. Who made the cute curtains in both rooms? My, is she talented!

  2. Jen, The room is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery for the next one! Only 2 1/2 more weeks that is so exciting!

  3. WAY super cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I should post some pics of Evan's nursery...my dad and I had a fun time putting it together!

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  5. Jen, Addison's new room is sooo cute and big girly! And I loved her nursery to begin with, especially that bay window! Perfect for your rocker and table! I can't wait either to see what the next nursery looks like!

  6. That nursery is fabulous! I love the colors and the theme! Addie is a gorgeous little girl!

  7. I love the paint job. How did you do the top of the walls like that?

  8. Thanks girls! I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

    Seersucker - If you look back in my archives to Addie's Playroom: Part 1 the paint job, I give a step by step of how we did the scallops. We actually used a dinner plate to trace the scallops around the room and then we went back with a mini brush and traced the line. Then we filled in the rest with a brush and roller. The little flowers on each of the points are actually wooden flowers I found at a craft store and they are just stuck to the wall with removable adhesive.

  9. Are you kidding me??? Her room is FANTASTIC! I am so jealous at your creativity. Everything looks like it has a perfect spot, even her crib. I love it!

    Very impressed. I cannot believe you find out so quickly #2. I felt like with our firsts it was FOREVER until we all found out.

    Oh, where did you get the little table and chairs? Please don't tell me your dad made them ;)

  10. Kelly - My mother-in-law got the table and chairs for Addie at the grocery store she works at (Jewel-Osco) after Christmas for a STEAL!!! She also got the matching desk and chalk/white board easel (I have those in the play area in our basement for now). Anyway, before my mother-in-law got those for Addie, I was looking at this website http://www.childrenstablesandchairs.com
    They have a TON to chose from and the prices aren't bad. I think it is worth it anyway. Addie sits at her table constantly! She loves getting up and down from the chairs I think :-)

    And thank you for the compliment. I am not that creative...I just steal ideas from magazines, websites, etc and put them together :-)

  11. What an adorable room! When I checked this post last night I made my Hubbs check it out. I was jabbering his ear off about what color we will paint a nursery, etc. He was busy watching tv... and less interested. Ha! But, he did say he'd try to make some cool shelves, so that's a plus!!! I'm glad you decided to keep the new baby in Addie's old room... That way I get to see TWO more room transformations, at some point.

  12. Chelsi - Yay! Glad the hubs was willing to build shelves. I think they just make the room and I LOVE all the storage. And yes...you can expect many room transformations in the future. I mean, even though the kids rooms will be done, thats not to say that mommy and daddy's bedroom won't need a make over eventually too. Hahaha! Now if money would just start growing on trees...I would be all set!

  13. I just love Addie's new room! I think it looks like something that came straight out of a magazine. I especially love the wall with the built-in and the cute little window seat.

  14. Jen - you, your mom and dad are so very talented (ok, your husband too :)). I looove Addie's room, girlie and perfect in every little detail. She is one lucky girl and so are you!!!


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