Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update: Double Stroller Research

First, I just want to thank all of you for leaving such helpful comments and suggestions. I am so glad I asked the question about double strollers because I was honestly starting to lose my mind. After reading through your comments today, I visited each of the suggested websites and did some additional research on my own. Then, after Addie's nap, we headed off to Babies R Us for a test drive.

I pushed around several strollers in the store and even though our BRU didn't have a ton to offer, I was able to find some great options. A few of you suggested that I look into the sit-n-stand strollers by Baby Trend. At around $100 (after coupon), you honestly can't beat the price. And while I think this sit-in-stand handled nicely, I just don't think Addie will be old enough for this type of stroller. Maybe if she were just a year or two older.

The next great stroller we test drove was the Contours Options Tandem Stroller. I thought this stroller handled very well, considering it was a bit longer than the others. It had some fantastic features that I have been missing on my Peg Perego stroller (like a cup holder and compartment for keys). It had a nice spacious basket and it was fairly easy to fold down. Although, I did have some help and I may need a tutorial again before I take one home :-)

While an infant can sit in one of the seats reclined, I asked about the options for an infant seat attachment. I was waiting for the sales guy to tell me that the stroller only fit a certain brand of car seat, but I was pleasantly surprised that by using this attachment...

the stroller can hold ANY brand of car seat! Woohoo! That was definitely a big selling point for me. This is how it all works together.

The price is definitely right with this stroller, coming in at about $219. I also wouldn't have to buy another car seat, which saves even more money and time. I like almost everything about this stroller except the lack of cup holder and snack tray for the kids. I know that is a very small thing and I can probably buy some sort of attachment, but it was one of the biggest complaints I came across when reading the reviews. The reviews for this stroller were pretty fantastic though. The only other complaint was bulkiness and I am afraid that just comes with the double stroller territory. So in short, this stroller is definitely high on my list. Maybe even at the top at this point. But I still have two other test drives on my hands tomorrow.

A lot of you recommended the Graco brand so while I was at BRU, I test drove the Graco Duo Glider. The stroller definitely handled nicely, but I wasn't a fan of the colors they had in store and I didn't like it as much as the Contours stroller. It seemed just a little less smooth when rounding corners. But...what I realized after a bit more research this afternoon is that I didn't try the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller. What's the difference right? Well actually, there is a pretty big difference when it comes to reviews. For one thing, the fabric selections in this style are much cuter in my opinion. This is the one I am loving... 

Most of the reviews said the Quattro makes smoother turns, is more compact when folded AND is easier to fold and open. Some people even said they bought the Duo Glider first and then went back and bought the Quattro. So there is obviously a difference and I am anxious to try it out. The price point is around $213 so it is very comparable to the Contours stroller. And even though this stroller has the snack tray and cup holder I want for the kids, I am not sure that it is going to work with my infant seat. The guy in BRU told me that a Peg Perego wouldn't snap into the stroller, but he was also talking about the Duo Glider. I am not sure if the Quattro is more accommodating or not. I am going to contact Graco tomorrow to see what they say and I may take my car seat with me on the test drive to see if it works. At this point, I am very happy with my Peg Perego infant seat and already have two bases for it so I would like to keep it if possible. I guess I will just have to wait and see!

Anyway, that is what I discovered during my research project today. I have some great options to chose from now, thanks to all of your helpful suggestions :-) Also, after seeing my post, my sister-in-law informed me that a friend of hers is selling a used Peg Perego tandem stroller! I may just have to swing over and check that one out tomorrow too :-) I will keep you all posted on my big purchase once I can make up my damn mind :-) Thanks again everyone!


  1. Hey hon! Baby Cheapskate just put out their ratings as well! Thought you might want to check it out as well!! Take care friend!!

  2. I can't believe I missed out on the stroller recommendations!!! Sadness.

    From your non-mommy stroller obsessed friend...

    I just did double stroller research for my cousin earlier this year...

    The Contours is a great choice. Plus I just saw one in person just last week and it's looks awesome too. Very city chic!

    Also, check out the Bumbleride double and Valco. Both very cool. We bought my cousin the Bumbleride and she LOVES it.

    Good luck xoxoxo

  3. How did I miss the double stroller post?

    I had the graco quattro. I didn't like it because the front baby was too far out in front, so I sold it on craigslist and bought the BOB. I haven't seen this on your list. Its a little big but I love it.

    I also just purchased (used) a Maclaren. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its a step up from an umbrella so you can't put a baby,baby in for a while but you know how fast babies grow.

    My friend had the contour. She loved it but it was a big stroller!!!

    I don't like the sit and stand. The standing part doesn't seem very comfortable/secure for a child. Who wants to be pushed around while standing? How can she sleep? (I know you said she isn't old enough yet for it but those are my thoughts on that stroller :)

    Anyway, feel free to fb me with other questions. Strollers are sadly up there with my shoe shopping :)

  4. If you watch Amazon you can get the Graco one pretty cheap. I think I paid $150 for mine and it was even free shipping :-)


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