Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Fun Mommy Alone Day

It isn't often that I get an hour, let alone an entire afternoon to myself these days. But when I suddenly realized I was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut and highlight, I decided to book an appointment with my favorite stylist in Naperville since I already had an OB appointment scheduled this afternoon anyway. Grandma Mueller agreed to babysit so right after lunch I headed out for my afternoon of mommy alone time.

First on my agenda was a trip to...

Don't worry...I got a decaf...but it was still delicious. I don't know if it was the coffee or the fact that I was drinking it alone in my car...but it was pure bliss. Ahhh..... 

I got to my hair appointment right on time and spent the next hour and a half gossiping about celebrities. It is my favorite thing to do in the salon because everyone always has something to say. Today's topic was thankfully not about Jon and was about Robert Pattinson. I mean, he is on the cover of EVERY magazine so how could you not talk about him. I realized during this discussion that 30-something women are lusting after this boy more than teenagers are. Ha!

So after I got all pretty, I had a little time to kill before my OB appointment and decided to head up to my old college campus to say hello to my old work buddies! To my surprise, EVERYONE was in the office! It was a fantastic impromptu reunion. It actually made me a little sad to see all my friends today because I miss them very, very much. But then on my hour-long commute home, I got over the sadness and became thankful once again that I don't have to do that drive 5 days a week :-)

I made it to my doc's office just in time for my 2:00 appointment. I was so happy to see only one other woman in the waiting room because that meant I would be able to get in and out quickly. I was called back right away but while I was waiting in the room, I heard my doc yell down the hallway "I have to run over to the hospital and catch a baby." I wanted to shout out the door "NOOO! Wait! Can't you just see me really quick? Tell the lady not to push yet!!" But I thought that was a little insensitive :-) Since I wasn't really down with waiting another hour to see her, I decided to reschedule my appointment. I was pretty bummed, but then just as I was leaving, the nurse practitioner said she could take me really quick. WOOHOO! I don't know what was more exciting...the fact that I didn't have to drive back for another appointment, or the fact that I have lost 3 pounds this month instead of gaining (I was sick you know)! And the news just keeps getting better. Apparently their handheld doppler was on the fritz and in order to get a listen to the baby's heartbeat, she had to take me in the ultrasound room. I thought she would just listen but she turned the screen on too and I got to see Peanut #2 moving around like crazy!! Little hands flailing about and legs was so wonderful. What a nice little treat :-)

On my drive home, I felt totally relaxed. I had pretty hair, a belly full of Starbucks,  a nice visit with friends, a healthy active little baby, and another healthy active baby at home with Grandma. Can you really ask for anything more in a day? Or a life?


  1. :) That's all I have to say....

  2. Days alone are so refreshing sometimes! Glad to hear you had fun!

  3. Glad you got some alone time! Sounds like you spent it perfectly! Love the feeling of just getting your hair done.

  4. Seriously, it isn't often that I'm away from Emma, and when I am...I am thinking of her constantly. But when I get my hair done, I'm in a completely different world. Pure relaxation! Glad you had such a great day!

  5. Sounds like a great day! And congrats on baby #2!

  6. I am glad that you had such a great day! I am getting one of those days this weekend and I am super excited!

  7. Aren't breaks like that awesome! I had one this past Saturday and it was heaven.

  8. Jen your day sounds blissful! Those types of days are hard to come by for me these days,so I will just have to live vicariously through yours!


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