Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Jon and Kate Debate

Is anyone else getting just a little tired of the Jon and Kate debate? I am not going to lie...I love tabloid magazines. They are a sick obsession but I love them. And at first, I was very intrigued by all of this. I have never really been on Jon's side because if he did cheat (whether or not that cheating was provoked by Kate being cold) is still inexcusable. But I can't say I have ever really been on Kate's side either because I have always thought she is a little rude and bossy. But...can you blame the woman?

I guess the more I have thought about all of this, the more I am starting to think that the tabloids have been a little hard on Kate. Now...I am sure many of you will disagree with that statement, but I want to explain. Here are some of my thoughts after watching the show and reading countless interviews and tabloid scoops.

1. Can you really blame Kate for being controlling and bossy? If you have 8 children under the age of 8, how can you POSSIBLY keep order if you aren't a little controlling and bossy?Seriously. I only have one baby girl to take care of each day and I can already hear the bossy in my voice. Yesterday I heard myself shout out about 6 commands in a matter of 5 minutes and I thought "Oh I turning into a bossy mom?" Well...if being bossy keeps her from climbing on top of the table and from touching the hot stove....then I am all for it.

2. Okay....a lot of the comments about Kate's controlling and bossy nature have been in reference to the way she treats Jon so I guess I should address that too. First of all, I think every woman (to some extent) can be controlling and bossy, especially when it comes to her husband. I think you would be hard pressed to find a wife that hasn't had a bossy or controlling moment with her husband. Am I right? Now grant it....Kate can take it a bit too far (did you see the coupon episode? ). I think I would try to tone it down a bit for the cameras, whereas Kate seems to play it up for the cameras. But...does Jon deserve it?

3. You have to admit, even if you are on Team Jon, that the man has made some mistakes. The whole other woman thing aside, he has been totally flighty and out of it lately. Every picture is of Kate and the kids...and Jon off drinking, shopping, taking interviews on his own, etc. Ummm...if he is "all about his kids" why isn't he with his kids? Ever? Why is he always out of town, out with "friends", drinking at bars and restaurants, shopping, etc.? I am sure the stress he is under from all this media attention isn't helping matters. But you know...Kate is under stress too. I am sure she would like to get away and drink with "friends". But she doesn't. She is always with the kids like she said she would be. So even if you think Kate has been a bitch to Jon in the past, can you really blame her if this is how Jon has acted all along?

4. I get SO annoyed with all the family members and friends coming out saying all these hurtful things about Kate. The big one is that she is "exploiting the kids for money" and this Aunt Jodie lady is the worst of them all. She talks about how money hungry Kate is and then her ass is out doing hundreds of interviews about Kate...FOR MONEY! People in glass houses Aunt Jodie. I don't necessarily agree with Kate wanting to keep the show going so that she can still afford fancy clothes and shoes, but I do understand her wanting to provide for her kids. It's a tough call. But if it were me in her Christian Louboutin shoes, I would quit the show until my family was back in order. 

5. Last but not least, lets address the fancy clothes and Christian Louboutin shoes. A lot of people are talking about how Kate is overspending on her look and that money should be going towards the kids, house, etc. Okay...I would be totally flat out lying if I said I didn't have some luxury items hanging in my closet that I both couldn't afford and/or need. But damn it...sometimes a girl just wants to treat herself. So lay off Kate people!! If I want to buy a Coach purse....Er...I mean if Kate wants to buy a fancy pair of shoes to wear tanning...let her!!! The woman birthed 6 FREAKING BABIES IN ONE PREGNANCY!!! I think she deserves to buy a little something for herself :-)

Okay...I have expressed my opinions about Jon and Kate and I feel better. Thanks for listening :-) Does anyone actually agree with anything I said? Do you totally, 100% disagree? I would love to know what all of you think so that we can just get it out...and then never talk about Jon and Kate again. At least not for a while :-)

{Updated to Add} I forgot to mention during my little rant that I really DO wish this family the best. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is to raise 8 children and be in the media spotlight. I also can't imagine having my family's dirty laundry aired all over the world by tabloids, news channels, bloggers, etc. I didn't want to write this today to add to the media drama...I just wanted to say "Hey...back off Kate a little". I guess being a woman, a wife and a mother makes me a bit biased. Sorry Jon. I just feel bad for all of them and I wish that 1) money hungry family members and friends would quit selling out Jon and Kate to make a quick buck, b) that Jon and Kate find a resolution so that their family can move on happily and c) that something new will intrigue the media so that this family can get some peace in the future. And with that said, I will conclude this final after thought :-)


  1. I agree that Kate is taking alot of heat. They show pictures of what she looked like before and what she looks like now. Hell, don't we all look back at old photos and think we looked like nerds and want to change our looks to be more hip and cute? Of course, she has the money to do it now. As for Jon, he is really struggling with all of this but isn't helping the situation by his actions. They should take a season off and straighten out their lives - then go from there! As for caring for their kids? I think they are wonderful parents to their kids. they are always well dressed, eat well and have alot of opportunities. Of course the show and the money support all of these things. But still - they seem loved.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I've been having this discussion with a lot of people. I love the show and that family and wish them all the best.

    But I completely agree with you. And I've made this argument with my own discussions. People generally do not agree with us. But seriously.... 8 kids? And NOT be bossy? Not possible.

  3. i wish i could agree with you, but i think kate knows exactly what she's doing and i think she's contriving and evil. it's no coincidence that while john is out "partying" she's on the beach with their 6 kids smiling for photo ops as a "single mom on vacation alone with the kids". she's smart - she and jon are almost speidi-like when it comes to getting publicity. i wish i could feel sorry for her, but i think evil oozes out of her pores. they really need to ditch the reality show before those kids are scarred for life! :)

  4. *This got way longer than I expected it too... sorry.*
    Jen, I totally agree with you.
    Yes, they have put themselves in the public eye. However, I would have taken that opportunity as well. There are arguments out there saying that there are huge families that make it every day without exploiting their kids. I would think that the families with "multiple multiples" would rather film their lives for a few years to build a guaranteed nest egg for their family's future than work a 9-5 job and NEVER SEE their kids. Which is the lesser of the two evils? Having your lives filmed for a few years or having daycare raise your eight kids? **This is not a rant for or against working mothers** I realize that both J&K “work” but they do get to spend more time with their kids than the average working couple, I assume.

    I don't buy the whole "exploiting the children" statement. Hell, there are a ton of "stage-moms" out there bossing their kids around at dance practice, pageants, violin lessons, basket weaving and whatever the hell else they think their kids NEED to do. The Lord knows I went to school with a more than one kid like that. Or what about the local family that has to have their kids work at the restaurant in order to make ends meet? That may be out of left field, but it does happen and I see the relevance.

    Aunt Jodie needs a life. However, I do find it a little odd that their family is so absent from the show. Maybe they just aren’t that close with their families? Maybe Kate really is that big of a biotch? Or maybe with ten people starring in the show already, there just simply isn’t enough room for more people! We really will never know, I suppose.

    Regarding Kate’s nice clothes, she does look tanner, she does look skinnier and she does look better dressed. However, does anyone remember the episode where Kate blatantly states that she can’t dress herself? There is no doubt in my mind that she has someone buying clothes for her. I totally agree with you Jen, if a girl wants a Coach purse, or expensive heels… WHO CARES!? Are her kids well cared for? Do they have food? Do they have her attention? As far as being better “looking,” I am NO runner, but if I had 8 kids, I may think about starting! I’m sure she has to release stress somehow! Also, I can't imagine a household with eight children and NO organization. That would be utter chaos. She's not the first mom (or dad) to be over-the-top with organization and anal retentiveness, who cares?! Jon knew she was that way when he married her!

    Oh, and my favorite part of this discussion… Um, what about Jon’s hair replacement surgery? Do people think he’s not wearing more expensive clothes? I watched an old episode last night, Jon has moved up in the world just as much as Kate in the looks department. He recently pulled up to the ‘tuplets’ birthday party in his Nissan Z and he has a badass motorcycle? Please, how many pairs of expensive shoes and clothes could Kate buy to add up to the tens of thousands of dollars he’s spent on those? Or what about the money he spends when he’s out at these bars and such? What about the argument that he got married too young and was forced to settle down? I call BULL! He made the choice, now live with it. If you weren’t ready to get married and have kids… you shouldn’t have made the decision. Especially in this case, these kids were not “oops” children, they were very well planned out.

    I do think that J&K are probably going through the typical things that happen in a lot of marriages. Undoubtedly, there are adjustment periods with having kids. I’m assuming that their marriage hasn’t been the top priority for a long time; Now more than ever, it needs to be. I do think it would do their family justice to stop the filming and get back to the basics. I would assume there would be enough residual income to keep them stable for quite a long time. I have the highest hopes for this family. Hopefully America’s tabloid crap will not contribute to bringing them down.

  5. Okay so I'm not a mom or a dad & I don't have 8 kids either so I shouldn't be to quick to judge. So I'm not. But I LOVED this post and the comments to follow. You are such a wonderful writer, Jen & your outlook is beyond refreshing and true. A tiny bit of my single self's opinion, I'm SO over Jon & Kate and ready to read about Jake & Reese again :) Much love xoxoxo Nina

  6. You have made some great points!

    I have been following it all and I feel torn. I do feel sorry for both of them because it is all over the media. I know they exposed themselves to that, but I just wish they were able to deal with fixing their marriage in privacy!

  7. I am totally sucked into the show! While I'm still not totally convinced Jon cheated on Kate, him being around that young girl wasn't really a smart thing on his part. I don't believe she cheated on him with the security guard. I do feel Kate enjoyed the lime-light a little too much and really feeds off it. While Jon, seems like he just wants the show to end. Perhaps that's what needs to happen in order for them to get their family life straight again. Is Kate bossy? Of course, but like others have said, who wouldn't be with 8 kids, 2 dogs & a hubby!!

  8. I have watched maybe 15 minutes of the show and had to immediately turn it off. I couldn't stand to watch any more.

  9. I could never get in to watching the show simply because all of the chaos in their home was TOO much for me. I understand the chaos, but I try to stay calm and reserved in the evenings when the kids go to bed. The show stressed me out and def. made me more thankful for my "somewhat" peaceful household.
    As far as Jon and Kate are concerned though, I'm really on no ones side...simply b/c I haven't watched the show enough. I think they should quit the show though (at least for a year), get some REALLY good marriage and family counseling and focus on the first and foremost.
    Ok, that's my two cents.
    Have a lovely day.
    And, yes I agree that they are ripping Kate to shreds.

  10. I feel bad for both of them. Well, all of them. Kate is tough, and bossy and probably pushed Jon to want to get out and have some free time. She is probably very hurt at this point not knowing what to believe. The media is going to blow up everything, and I hate how no one cared about the kids being overworked before all of this. I think they should take a break and hopefully they can get back to where they were. I think they have enough money at this point to focus on family for awhile.

  11. I always wonder why they don't just get up, sell the house, take the money they've made so far and save their marriage and life. To me it would be worth it.


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