Friday, June 5, 2009

Playdate Revelation

On our drive home from a playdate at my friend Barb's house today, I noticed a group of girls sitting outside at a local Mexican restaurant . They were laughing, sipping margaritas and enjoying the sun. When I see a group of girls out for lunch together, I sometimes feel a little jealous. They aren't chasing after kiddies, wiping their faces, pulling mulch out of their mouths, eating donut holes off the ground and calming tantrums over spilled sippie cups. They are just sitting, relaxing and enjoying each others company. But when I think back to the last few times I went out with my girlfriends before having our kids, I remember what we were talking about over those margaritas. 

We were talking about babies. We were talking about wanting babies and being excited to get pregnant. We were talking about how much fun it would be to have our kids the same age and be able to meet up for playdates during the week. We talked about how great it would be if we could work it out to all be stay at home moms so that we could enjoy that time with our kids...and each other. And then it hit me...our dreams have come true! We all have beautiful healthy babies, we all managed to figure out how to be stay at home and/or part time working moms, AND we managed to actually find time to get together and have fun. Our conversations haven't changed (they are still all about the kids and our hubbies) but instead of drinking margaritas at a restaurant, we spend our time drinking coffee on each other's patios while the kids play in the yard. And as jealous as I get about other girl's free time, I wouldn't trade this life for anything. And who knows...maybe if those girls at the Mexican restaurant drove past our playdate today...they would be the jealous ones :-)

Anyway, that was my playdate revelation today. Deep thoughts for a Friday huh? I managed to forget my camera today but Barb took a ton of great shots of the kids and I promise to share them over the weekend. Speaking of which, be sure to enter my giveaway before the weekend is over! I will be announcing the winner on Monday. Good luck and Happy Friday!


  1. wow - very deep. when me and my friends meet for lunch - we still talk about getting drunk and wishing we were still in college. no talk of babies or our husbands. what does that say about us? woops! :)

  2. That was very sweet. I'd take my Evan over a margarita any I'm sure you would with Addie.

    They are just so precious.


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