Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pregnancy Craving Madness

I have to admit, I think it is fun to hear what pregnant women are craving, especially when it is something totally random or out of character for the person. One of my friends (who is usually very conscious about what she eats) craved White Castle her entire pregnancy. Now don't get me wrong, I freaking love sliders, but if you are a health nut, that is pretty much the WORST place you could go for lunch. I can't say that anything I am craving is out of character for me, but the desire to eat these things EVERY day has become a bit ridiculous.

First up...my breakfast of choice these days.

I have never been a big fan of sugary cereals (I like my Special K) but for some reason, I can't get enough of this damn stuff!! It is delicious :-)

Next up...salami sandwiches. 

Seriously...I could eat a salami sandwich for lunch and dinner every single day if I could somehow convince myself that it is healthy. There is nothing healthy about this sandwich besides the lettuce. Hey...it's something!

Next up...Milk Shakes

Yeah, this one is pretty unoriginal. Almost every pregnant chic I know craved a milk shake at one point or another. But I am having a specific milk shake craving. It HAS to come from Oberweis dairy. YUUUUUUMMMMMM!

Next up...Fruit

I am actually happy about this craving. I had it with Addie too and it made me feel good, considering all the other crap I was shoving in my mouth. I am also happy that it is summer and all the fruit is fresh and reasonably priced. In fact, I could go for an apple right now.

Next up...PASTA 

I really wouldn't consider this a pregnancy craving, because I eat pasta all the time anyway. But if you ask me what I want for dinner these days, I will usually respond "anything with noddles." I just can't help it...I love carbs.

And finally...wine.

Don't worry...I am not indulging in this craving. Its just that I can't stop thinking about wine!!! I think its because I can't have it. I know the doc had said it was fine to drink a small glass of red wine towards the end of pregnancy and you better believe I will be taking that advice. Just in time for the holidays :-)

Alright...I know this wasn't a super exciting post but I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I have been craving. What things do you all crave? Even if you aren't pregnant. Do you have certain foods you get a taste for and can't live without?


  1. with Elizabeth I had to have Krispy Kreme Cream filled donuts every day, until I got gestational diabetes. Then there were times I Would eat a raw onion like an apple with saltines. With Austin, I had to have life cereal!!! And of course I wanted a long island ice tea through out thew pregnancy... needless to say I have yet to indulge in that craving.

  2. I really wanted nothing more than popcorn with melted cheese and hot sauce on it dipped in frosting. Yum...


    When are we getting together friend?!?!

  3. With my first pregnancy it was Lucky Charms, Mac N Cheese and Almond Joy ice cream. My DH even called my once while I was going through the drive thru at Boston Market for my Mac N Cheese fix.

    For pregnancy #2 it was peaches and spaghetti. Unfortunately I was on hospital bed rest for 5 weeks, so I couldn't do much about cravings. But I did have spaghetti every nite for almost 40 days.

    Enjoy your pregnancy!

  4. I had been a vegetarian for YEARS when I got pregnant and all I thought of morning noon and night was Baloney. It got so bad I started eating meat in my 7th month


  5. With Emma it was tomatoes, cottage cheese, salt and vinegar chips, and Coke/slurpees! I didn't have a really big sweet tooth which is weird for me because I love sweets!

  6. Spaghettios with Meatballs and Velveeta Shells and Cheese...EVERYDAY. Still trying to get rid of that cellulite!

  7. When I was pregnant I craved fish and chips and hamburgers. Oh and the odd one, I hated this before I was pregnant but during my pregnancy I craved Root Beer...all the time. I haven't had one since having Sophia!

  8. These are ALL sound delicious to me. I might have some new cravings on my hands. And Lauren, I totally ate a whole can of Spaghettios that i made for Addie yesterday. She didn't want them so I took a bite and was hooked. I ate the whole thing (and bought a few more at Jewel today). Hahahaha!

    Kate and Andrea - We need a play date VERY soon!

  9. I never quit having cravings even though Coop is 13 months. So not preggo, but I could eat everything on your list right now. I will drink the wine for you!


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