Thursday, July 16, 2009

At This Time Tomorrow...

Eric and I will know the sex of our baby!!! Will we be shopping for little outfits like this...

Or more little outfits like this...

Either way, we will be THRILLED!! So far, it looks like more than half of you believe this baby is a boy (as do I) but only time will tell. Don't worry...I will post the results tomorrow night. Although, it may be quite late since Addie is staying over night at Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house so Mommy and Daddy can go out for a nice dinner with our cousin's Katie and Chris (they find out the sex of their baby too :-) Woohoo! Be sure to vote if you haven't already!

P.S. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was fantastic!!!! The movie didn't cover everything from the book, but it was still funny, suspenseful and sweet. I highly recommend it...even if you didn't read the books :-) Thanks for coming to visit Tara and Tommers! The movie wouldn't have been half as much fun without your company. xoxo

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  1. um, HELLO!?!? It's 7:30PM and no announcement? I am DYING here!


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