Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Made My Stroller Decision

When I started researching double strollers a couple of months ago, I was totally apposed to the side-by-side stroller. First of all, very few side-by-sides offer a carseat adapter for an infant and if they did offer that option, you HAD to have that particular brand of carseat. That was a major turn off for me, but I didn't rule out the idea of buying a new infant carseat.

So, after my stroller post a while back, lots of my friends and cyberfriends weighed in on the subject. I had quite a few people tell me that while a front and back stroller was one of the best options while babies are still in their carriers, they said the stroller wasn't practical once the baby could sit up on his/her own. The biggest problem...front and back strollers are huge, regardless of the brand or style. That is just how they are. I did test drive several front and back strollers and while I was impressed with how well they handled for the size, I still wasn't sold. I didn't like the idea of paying even $100 for a stroller that I may only want to use for a year or less. It just seemed like a waste. So...I went out in search of some other options. And let me just tell you, I spent MANY nights researching and reading reviews and the one stroller that stuck out the most was the BOB Revolution Duallie stroller.

I was blown away by how many people said they tried several double strollers before settling on the BOB. Admittedly, the price tag is a bit higher than I was looking to spend, but not near as high as some of the fancy-shmancy strollers I talked about in my first post (remember the $1,000 Peg Perego?). So what were the selling points for me?

* The BOB revolution got the highest ratings of any other double stroller I looked at on almost 15 different websites.

* The company itself got incredible marks for customer service. 

* Many of the reviews mentioned how well the stroller maneuvers in tight places like clothing stores, narrow doorways, etc. I guess this has something to do with the 3 wheels vs. 4. Several people even mentioned how they liked it better than their front-to-back!!

* This is the best part...IT FITS MY PEG PEREGO INFANT CARSEAT!!!

As I said, this stroller is a bit more than I wanted to spend so I decided to look for some deals. I have been stalking Craig's List for a month now and there are no BOB revolutions to be found. Apparently they are a hot item. And the ones I did find on eBay are going for almost as much as they are in the store brand new. So...I decided to start looking at online deals. The friends I know who own BOB strollers said the best deal is to find an online store that offers Free Shipping and No Tax. Apparently BOB sales are kind of hard to come by. I did find one online store, Albee Baby, that offered both Free Shipping and No Tax. I debated buying it for about a week or two and I am SO glad I didn't jump right away because one of my favorite blogs, Babycheapskate, posted a coupon code for Albee Baby that gets you 15% non-discounted merchandise INCLUDING BOB STROLLERS! 

I was sold. I went right to the site, found the BOB I wanted, tried to add it to my shopping cart and OH NO! The one I wanted was out of stock! I was so sad. I called to see if the inventory was a mistake but nope...all gone. I was so bummed. But just for the heck of it, I decided to search some other tax free websites and I came across another website that offered a price match guarantee. I know this usually doesn't apply to special offer discounts, but I thought I would call anyway. I got a super nice guy on the phone that seemed a bit reluctant to give me the deal. He had me on hold a few times and at one point I was sure he was going to say "nice try honey." But...he must have been in a good mood or I must have sounded really cute on the phone because he matched the price!!!!! On the BOB I wanted!!! 15% off, free shipping and no tax. Seriously...I don't think it gets much better than that!!

Anyway, I am now anxiously awaiting my new BOB stroller and I will definitely post about it when it arrives. If you don't have a preference on color for the BOB Revolution, I believe there are still some other colors in stock at Albee Baby so head on over and use that fantastic coupon. The code is right on the home page. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this decision!!

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