Friday, July 10, 2009

One Week From Today...

Eric and I will find out the gender of our baby!!! In case I didn't mention this before, Eric's cousin Katie is expecting too. Her due date is exactly one day before mine, which is actually kind of funny since our daughters (Addie and Audrey) were due a day apart as well. I guess we are just keeping with tradition this pregnancy :-)

Anyway, Katie and I were talking on the phone a while back and decided it might be fun to go to a place called The Belly Factory and have back-to-back ultrasounds. They do gender scans at 16 weeks so that is a whole 3-4 weeks sooner than our doctors would do. We decided we couldn't wait so we booked our appointments for next Friday!! After our ultrasounds, we are going to take our hubbies for some pizza and beer. It is going to be a little date night with a VERY exciting treat. We both had girls the first time, so we are curious to see if our babies will be the same gender this time. We'll know soon enough!

So speaking of gender...I am curious about all of your guesses. Around our house, we are split down the middle. I am feeling boy and Eric is certain it is a girl. There really aren't many ways to tell at this point because my belly isn't big enough to see how I am carrying and I didn't break down and buy another Intelligender test. So...we are just going off our gut feelings. But if you are the type of person that needs at least a little information, here is what I can tell you:

* The baby's heartbeat at my doc's appointment today was 145 bpm

* This pregnancy does feel different because I have been more tired this time around.

* The baby was VERY active at my last ultrasound

I know...none of this is probably helpful in making an educated guess, but it is all for fun anyway :-) I have put up a poll on my right sidebar so be sure to vote when you have a chance. I would love to see what everyone thinks :-) 


  1. I am so excited for both of you! I hope BOTH babies are happy and HEALTHY!!!

  2. I don't know why, but I am feeling another girl for you Jen...I just see you as a mommy of two little girls, and I bet that Addie would make a great big sissy to a little sissy! But I know you would have a blast with a boy too! Can't wait to find out!


  3. Kate - Thanks honey. Healthy is all that matters in the end for us :-)

    Kelly - You know...I feel boy, but I can also see myself with two little girls. I never had a sister and always wished I had one (even though I love my brothers). I think Addie would be precious with another little girl. Then again, I can also see her being the big sister to a cute little boy (like I was to my brothers). I feel totally blessed either way :-)

  4. Seven Bells - My mom would agree with you 100%

    Angela - I am with you...I am feeling boy this time :-)

  5. I have a feeling it's a boy. I am very excited for you and can't wait to hear the news!

  6. Boy. Boy. Boy. I've had that feeling from the second you announced on your blog! Gooooo Bllluuuuuuuuuuuuue! :0) It's been over five years since I cheered last... but I bet I could bust out a few to cheer on the Blue Team!

  7. I am going to go with a girl. 2 girls sounds good! Can't wait to find out!

  8. Yes, Mamacita has thought girl all along. I always wanted two little girls...only got one (but I do love my boys). Two little girls together are just so cute. Of course "healthy" is the only requirement and either one will be a blessing! Oh but two little girls in ballerina outfits spinning in the living room is priceless!

  9. I am thinking boy... but your mom's post about two ballerina's made my heart smile!

    But I still think you are having a boy... can't WAIT to find out with you!!!

  10. I hope the baby is healthy! And I'm thinking blue...only because I have a boy and think everyone should have one, too!


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