Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictures, Questions & Answers About Our Little Man

I apologize for the very quick post last night friends. Eric and I were too giddy and excited to concentrate. Plus, we wanted to take advantage of our night talking, laughing, and falling asleep on the couch by 10:00 p.m. HA!

But seriously, last night was SO MUCH FUN!! As I said before, Eric's cousin Katie and I are pregnant at the same time again (Addie and Audrey were due a day apart) and now our new babies are due exactly one day apart as well. Strange huh? gets stranger. 

When we all decided to do our ultrasounds together, I never in a million years thought that we would end up with the same sex again. I mean, it was already mind blowing that my sister-in-law Dana and Katie and myself all had girls the first time!

So when Dana had her little man Nolan in March, I thought that either Katie or I would surely have the second girl. I mean come on...what are the odds that all three of us would have a boy right? Well...the odds are pretty good because Katie and I are BOTH having boys!!!! AH!!! Needless to say, Eric and Chris were lit up like Christmas trees last night after seeing pictures like this...

They took several "boy part" pictures but I thought I would just share one. You know...since it pretty much looks the same from all directions. Ha! When we got into the room last night and I laid down on the table, I asked Eric one more time what he thought and he said "100% girl". Then the ultrasound tech said "what do you think mom?" and I said "100% boy" and she said " are right!" And then there he was....our little man...right up on the screen.

It took about 5 minutes and 20 different views of the "boy parts" for Eric to grasp the idea that our baby was in fact a boy. She had a very clear picture up on the screen and Eric was like "okay wait...what is that" and I finally yelled out "HIS BALLS! THOSE ARE BALLS!" And then we all roared with laughter. Seeing Eric's face as he finally realized he was getting the son he always hoped for was priceless. And then he said the sweetest thing walking out the doors. He said "you know babe, I am so thrilled to be having a son, but after meeting Addie, I would have been just as excited for another little girl". And the feeling was mutual. Having a baby is such an incredible feeling and as much as you sit and hope for one sex or the the end...that baby was meant for you. This little man is meant to be our son and words can't describe how excited we both are to meet him.

So...enough sappy stuff...on to the big questions I know you all have.

1. The Camo Bedding

Lots of people are curious if Eric is insisting on the camo bedding now that we know we are having a boy. We talked about this last night and to my surprise, Eric agreed to let me be the Project Manager on the nursery. Woohoo!! BUT...I have to run the bedding and decorations by him to make sure they are "manly" enough. I can handle that :-) Peace out camo bedding!!

2. Names

When we were pregnant the first time, Eric and I had a boy's name picked out and ready to go. We were positive that at some point (if we had a son) we would use it. We would name him Parker. If any of you read my BF Mandy's blog, you would know that she has a little man named Parker. Mandy had P about 6 months before Addie was born and I remember telling Mandy that Eric and I had the name Parker on our list. She said the most fabulous thing to me. She said "That's awesome! Maybe we will both have Parkers!" How many friends are cool with you using the same name? Anyway, when we realized Addie was a girl...we didn't discuss boy names anymore.

So when we got pregnant this time, we started chatting about names we liked for both sexes. When it came to discussing boy names, I thought we would both immediately go to Parker like we had with Addie. But we didn't. Eric said that even though he still really liked the name, he was starting to think of others he liked just as much. And for me, after watching Parker grow up the past two years, it just felt like it was his name. Does that make sense? I no longer pictured myself with a Parker because I already had one in my life :-)

Okay...I am sure you are like "get to the damn name Jen!" so here you go. As of right now, Eric and I are leaning towards:

Blake Steven Davis

I am not having my mom embroider anything just yet, but after last night, I think we have decided on Blake. We also really like the name Carson, but I am not sure that either of us like it as much as Blake. Blake and Addison. Cute ring huh?

Well friends, it is time for me to go to Grandma Davis' house and pick up my little girl. I can't wait to tell her that a new baby brother is on the way!! I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday! I know I will :-)


  1. I Iove the name Blake, what a cute story! Jen, I am very excited for you, guys!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys! And Blake is such a cute name! Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations! I love having a little boy and I am sure you will too!

  4. I love Blake!!!! Just as a side note I have a friend with has an Addison and a Carson. I thought it was funny seeing the two names together again.

    I got really scared when I saw the camo bedding. I couldn't remember if there was a deal between you guys that if it was a boy he gets that bedding. Whew!! Glad to see that one is gone!

  5. Congrats!! I am so happy for you and your family :) Love the name Blake...we have some friends with a Blake and Brody (twins). can be like my sister and go with the "ABC" names....Addison, Blake, C... That's how her kids turned out...Alec, Brandon, Claire.

    Happy baby vibes :)

  6. Congrats!! I am so happy for you and your family :) Love the name Blake...we have some friends with a Blake and Brody (twins). can be like my sister and go with the "ABC" names....Addison, Blake, C... That's how her kids turned out...Alec, Brandon, Claire.

    Happy baby vibes :)

  7. awww congrats!!! and i love the name - it's so cute!

  8. YAY! I love the name and am so happy you're adding a little boy to your perfect family!!! :0)


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