Wednesday, July 29, 2009

True Friendship...

Is a pretty rare thing to find. A true friend is someone who accepts you for who you are, never judges you, never calls you out on your mistakes and never makes you feel bad for eating a whole package of Oreos over the course of two days. And above all else...a true friend always knows the way to your heart.

Take for example, Exhibit A: A container of homemade vanilla cupcakes, a container of peanut butter & jelly bars and a variety of hard salami. Yes...I already ate a cupcake and a PB&J bar.

My BF Linsey knew that buying me a new baby boy outfit would have been a great way to celebrate my pregnancy, but not as great as satisfying my three S's (Sweet, Salty & Salami).
If that's not true friendship...I have no idea what is. I heart you Lins!

And here are our two little princesses today during our playdate. Please excuse Addie's sour expression, she broke two plates before this picture was taken.

Oh, and if you just want one more example of true friendship, here you go. Linsey knew I was having just a little bit of buyers remorse regarding my BOB (only because I felt guilty about the price). So before she left, she put the two girls in the stroller and gave it a test drive. She then looked at me and said "That stroller is awesome! I would have paid double." Ahh...I just love that girl :-) Thanks for the great playdate Lins! I am going to go have a salami sandwich...and a cupcake now :-) 


  1. I was gonna say (before i read it) looks like you found a way to test out the new stroller!! :) BTW, I'm not a mom (yet) so I didn't realize that there were three S's of pregnancy! It made me laugh! :) I'll have to keep that in mind!

  2. Rachel - Actually, the 3 S's are just the types of cravings I have. Sweet, Salty and Salami. A lot of people find salami disgusting but I crave it daily when I am pregnant. Now sure why :-) Who could get lucky and crave fruit and salads. Haha! I wish.

  3. Hi...I've been following for a little while and don't think I've commented yet. Congratulations on pregnancy:) I have been eyeing the new stroller you got and am thinking of checking it out for myself. Although, I will just be getting a single one. My kids are 8 and 2. I'm sure the 8 year old would love to be pushed around in it but I'd probably be out of breath before we left the driveway. Anyway looking for ward to hearing more about your journeys:)



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