Monday, July 13, 2009

The Zebra is my Favorite Aminal!

After almost two months of trying to get everyone together for a little zoo trip, we finally made it!!! And the day was just gorgeous.

Notice the pony tail? Just wanted to make sure all the zoo-goers knew Addie was in fact...a girl. Haha!

And here is the whole clan: Grandma Davis, Grandma Mueller, Auntie Dana, Nolan, Nia, Addie and Me!

First stop: The carousel. Or as I like to call it...the Ferris Wheel. Baby Brain folks :-)

Addie LOVED riding on the Zebra. She couldn't get enough.

I was afraid there would be a tantrum when we got off the ride but luckily, there was something even better to distract her.


She doesn't know how to say "Zebra" yet, but she was all about pointing and making up her own words for him.

I was telling her that the Zebra she was looking at was from "Madagascar" (her favorite movie right now). She was in love with him. Or her. I didn't get a good look. Ha!

Next stop was with the bears!!

The bear was actually just on the other side of this window (didn't get him in the shot) and I don't know if I was more scared about the bear busting through the glass, or all the germy finger prints on it. Yuck! Germaphobe alert!

After we checked out some of the big animals, it was time for Addie to pet some little ones. Man did she LOVE these goats! She chased them all over the pen.

And made some friends along the way.

After the children's zoo, the kids were pooped...and so were the mommies and grandmas. We had a great time today and I think we all look forward to going back year. Ha!

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  1. So cute Jen! And you look great by the way! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks:)


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