Monday, August 31, 2009

Maternity Monday

Today is August 31st, which means I have exactly 4 months until my December 31st due date. AHH!! How can I only have 4 months left? On one hand, I feel like I have been pregnant forever, and on the other hand, I feel like it is all going by so fast! These next 4 months are going to FLY by, especially since my favorite season (Fall), my birthday (October), my brother's wedding (November) and my favorite holiday (Christmas) are all crammed in those 4 months. Every month is going to be more fun than the next and I can't wait!! is my belly at 23 weeks.

Addie is finally starting to notice my bump and she could not resist being in both pictures. Guess I should have combed her hair and put her in a cute outfit or something. HA!

And...since my due date will be here before I know it (and so will my birthday...hint hint), I thought I would list some items I simply can't go to the hospital without this time. Like...

This B.Y.O.G. hospital gown! Look familiar? That's because Tori Spelling wore it in the hospital when she had Stella. SO freaking cute. I think I deserve that for my c-section :-) Although, my mom could probably make it too. Ha!

Or this comfy cardigan sweater from Anthropologie. It's a little cuter than a robe and I can see myself wearing this all winter snuggling with my kiddies.

And because I am TOTALLY grossed out by walking around barefoot in a hospital, I absolutely NEED these knew Classic Argyle Sweater Ugg boots.

Yes...I have very expensive maternity taste :-) But hey...every mama needs a little luxury right? Do you have your eye on an outrageously expensive item that you know you can't afford, but you secretly think about getting anyway? Or better yet...have you already started thinking up an excuse about why you HAVE to have this item?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Review

As planned, Eric and I finally celebrated our anniversary this weekend and our night out was spectacular. For starters, we had the most beautiful Fall-like weather yet and I was able to wear one of my cute new scarves (my new accessory obsession). I know that isn't big news...but I was excited :-)

Then, we had the most delicious meal at Morton's The Steakhouse

When I called to make our reservation a week ago, the Hostess at Morton's asked if we were celebrating anything special. I told them it was our anniversary and they said congrats. Well, when we got to the restaurant, EVERYONE knew it was our anniversary so the host and our waiter made it a point to wish us a happy night. Then, they brought us our keepsake menus that had "Happy Anniversary Jen & Eric" printed on them. Very cute idea. They also took our picture, printed it, and gave it to us in a frame. I thought that was a very nice touch too :-) I know it was no big deal and they probably did that for every table dining with them...but made the night extra special.

As far as food goes, I have no complaints. I won't lie...the place is kind of pricey. BUT...the food was absolutely phenomenal and the portions were very generous (not always the case at upscale restaurants). Our glasses were never empty and we never had to look for our waiter once. She was always there asking if we wanted or needed anything. The service was perfect, as was our food, so I would highly recommend going to a Morton's Steakhouse for your next big event...or even just a night out :-)

And speaking of our night out, we also made it to a movie! Woohoo! The original plan was to see The Hangover, but sadly the show time was a little later than we realized and we didn't feel like killing another two hours. So, we decided to see The Ugly Truth.

When previews for this movie came out, I really wanted to see it . I love Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler and the plot for the movie seemed pretty funny. And it was. There were many funny parts to the movie. However, I thought it was just a bit too raunchy. Don't get me wrong...I am not offended by swearing and sexual content. But this was set up as a "romantic comedy" and because of all the heavy sex jokes...I lost that whole romantic feel. I wasn't rooting for Abby and Mike to get together. I was too focused on the fact that Abby wore vibrating panties to dinner and the fact that they said the "C" word 15 times in 2 minutes. In my opinion, the writers/directors spent waaaaay too much time and effort making Mike seem like a dirty, sexist pig that when it came time to make him look like a good guy...I didn't buy it. But then again, this is just my opinion. Perhaps I set my hopes to high because I was a little let down by this movie. And because of it, I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE HANGOVER!! I suppose at this point, Eric and I will just wait for it to come out on video :-)

Anyway, that was a little review of our fun night out. Peanut did great at Grandma and Grandpa's and was spoiled with McDonald's and ice cream. She so did not want to come home :) I hope you all had a nice weekend too!

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Class and Mommy & Daddy's Night Out

This post is coming to you a little early today because tonight is my first night of class! I haven't taught a Friday night class before and I was honestly under the assumption that no one in their right mind would voluntarily take an English 101 class at 7:00 p.m. on a Friday. And for a while, my enrollments lingered around 7 (which is enough to run a class). I was THRILLED about that. Less students equal more attention in class and less grading for me :-) But according to today's roster class is FULL. Nice. I guess I was the only section left open for all the slackers that waited until the last minute to register. Ha! Oh well...such is life :-) 

But even though tonight is a working night for me and Eric (because he is on Addie duty), tomorrow night will more than make up for it. We will be celebrating our anniversary with a little of this...

Followed by some of this...

And we will eventually make it see this...

Yes...I know The Hangover has been out for almost two months, but that is literally how long it has taken us to find a night to go. Grandma and Grandpa Mueller are having Addie over for a sleepover so we are determined to make a night of it. And the best part of the whole anniversary celebration....WE GET TO SLEEP IN ON SUNDAY!!! Woohoo!!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend too. Be back Sunday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brushy Brush

Believe it or not...Addie has always loved brushing her teeth...even when she was just a little peanut and I had to use that silly finger brush. When she turned 1 (and officially had all of her teeth up to her one-year molars), I decide it was time to start using a real toothbrush. I would sit her on the bathroom counter and let her look at herself in the mirror while I brushed for her. Well...Miss Independent wants nothing to do with my help anymore. She knows what to do and wants to be the one to do it. So I moved her step stool into the bathroom and let her go to town. freaking cute is she in her bath robe? I love it!! I think she needs a longer one now though. Ha! I am very proud of my little peanut and I hope that she continues to enjoy brushing her teeth as much as she does now. Now if only I could teach her to floss :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ta Da! The Bookshelf is Done!

After brainstorming and searching the Internet for weeks trying to decide what style of bookshelf to build for Blake, I finally told my Dad "just paint me a red bookshelf. Nothing fancy...just something to put toys and books on." Well, that was SO not good enough for my Dad. He wanted a real project. And thanks to a random, early morning idea from my Mom who just sat up one day and said "why not make a book shelf to look like a gas pump or something"...the cutest boy's bookshelf ever was created.

I would love to take credit for the design of this bookshelf but it was 100% my Dad's idea...down to every last detail. Like the antique gas pump...

And the wooden globe personalized with Blake's name...

It was also his idea to display one of his antique LGB trains. And of course, a nursery wouldn't be complete without a piggie bank so Grandma Mueller took care of that detail (the car is a bank).

I guess the only thing I can take credit for are the Pottery Barn Kids canvas totes that I am such a fan of. It was fun buying boy colors for a change :-)

I wish my full-room picture would have turned out better because seriously...this bookshelf COMPLETELY makes the room. I mean really...can you have a bunch of vehicles in the room without a gas pump? I think not :-)

So once again...thank you SO MUCH Daddy-O for creating such a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bookshelf for Blake. Him and I will cherish this forever :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Love Story...3 Years in the Making

Instead of writing another sappy love post to my hubby on our anniversary this year, I thought I would just share our love story with all of you instead :-) I have really enjoyed reading some of my other blogger friends' love stories and I thought I would steal the idea. So...let's start from the beginning shall we?

When I graduated with my Masters and moved home from college in 2004, I had made the decision to start my single-girl life. I bought my first townhouse, found a fun job in the city and spent most of my nights and weekends with friends and family. I was livin' the life! And speaking of friends, one night while I was out on the town, I ran into my old BF Dana! As you all know, Dana and I have been friends since kindergarten so I have known Dana, Eric and their family for as long as I can remember. Anyway, after catching up for a while, she learned I was single and screamed with excitement. I was a little confused because most times the word "single" gets an "aww...poor thing." But Dana had another agenda. She had a single brother that she was SURE I would be perfect for. I hadn't seen Eric in almost 10 years but I always remembered him being pretty cute. Problem was, I had just come out of a pretty serious relationship and wasn't really looking for another one right now. I didn't turn her down exactly, but we also didn't make any concrete plans.

A few months later, Dana and I ran into each other again and she immediately brought up Eric. We sat for a while reminiscing about our junior high days and I shared my two fondest memories of Eric. First, I remembered how Eric had this huge fish tank in his bedroom and how he would let Dana and I come in and watch him feed the fish when I would spend the night. Second, I remembered being 13 and wanting to go to Sunny's for some ice cream and Eric volunteered to take Dana and I in his car. I got to sit up front :-) Eric was "too cool" to hang out with Dana and I all the time so we didn't spend much time with him when we were kids. But...those are the two things I remembered most about him. Well those...and the fact that he was cute :-)

So after an hour of serious convincing, I agreed to meet up with Eric sometime. Dana and I tried to make this little impromptu date happen for several months but our busy schedules got in the way quite a bit and I eventually gave up on the idea. Well, that was until Dana's bridal shower.

It just so happened that Eric was there to help "set up decorations" and we finally had our big reunion. He was even cuter than I remembered :-)

From that day on, Eric and I were inseparable. We both spent a lot of time commuting for work so whenever we were in the car or on the train, we would call each other and chat. We also spent all of our free time together at night and on the weekends. I was smitten...and so was he :-) Our family started noticing this and the big joke was "So when are you two getting married?" didn't help matters that I caught the bouquet and Eric caught the garter at Dana and Kevin's wedding :-)

And marriage wasn't out of the question for Eric and I, even after only a few months of dating. But we had some things to work out. We both worked insane hours and it was hard to find time to see each other. We also lived in two separate homes and led two separate lives. But, we both knew we wanted to be together and we decided to find a way to make it all work. Luckily, I landed my dream job at a college much closer than the city so my 15 hour work days were long gone. And a few months later...Eric asked me to move in :-)

I accepted, of course, under one condition...that he make friends with Howie.

Done and done :-) Those two became buddies pretty fast and I knew moving in was the right decision. So after 6 months of dating...Eric and I shared our first house. I know everyone has their own opinion about whether or not a couple should live together before marriage and while I am not saying that one way is better than the other, I can say from experience that living with someone is a sure-fire way to learn if they are the right person for you. You learn A LOT about someone when you live with them and aside from Eric's home-improvement phobia and clothes-can't-seem-to-make-it-to-the-hamper syndrome...he is an excellent roommate :-) And I am guessing that he felt the same way because after living together for 3 months...Eric had a little surprise for me...

We went to dinner on a Thursday night and we both drove separately because we met after work. On the way home, I thought about work, laundry, vacation (we were going to Atlanta for the weekend to see a friend)...but never thought that I was about to get engaged. It just didn't cross my mind. So when we pulled in the driveway and I saw a candle burning in the window, I flew out of my car and asked Eric what he was thinking leaving a candle burning in the window. He just smiled and told me I better walk in and blow it out. Well, it was more than just a candle in the was a million candles lit up all over our house (compliments of Dana and Kevin)...

And in our bedroom was a little gift that came with a question...

Along with some other treats IF I said yes...

Can you guess what my answer was?

It was a hop, skip and 8 months later that we finally made it to the alter.

We knew exactly where we wanted to get married because it was where we fell in love (at Dana and Kevin's wedding). is the most beautiful place either of us could think of. The decision was simple.

We were blessed with a beautiful (warm) August evening and after a perfect 20-minute ceremony, we headed in for the best party we have every thrown.

After stopping for another kiss of course...

And after a great night of fun with our family and friends, Eric and I headed off to our honeymoon...

In the Dominican Republic. It was the most beautiful, relaxing week we have ever spent together. While we were there, we made a vow to go back for our first anniversary.

BUT...God had other plans for us.

We found out we were pregnant with Addie 6 weeks before our first anniversary so instead of going back to Punta Cana...we bought our first house and celebrated our anniversary with a pizza on the floor of our new kitchen. It was by far the best first anniversary anyone could ask for :-)

And then 7 months later...we added another tenant to our new home.

With Addie in our lives, it wasn't an option to spend our second anniversary away from home. Neither of us wanted to leave her and so we vowed to take a trip for our third anniversary. Addie would be a year and half old by then and more than happy to stay with her grandparents for a few days. It was settled...we would go back to Punta Cana for our 3rd anniversary. Or would we?

Eric and I were laying in bed talking about our anniversary last night and we both laughed at our foiled travel plans these past few years. So we deiced to be more realistic with our expectations. We decided that our 10th anniversary was much more realistic for a trip. I asked Eric if he still wanted to go to Punta Cana and he said "what about Disney with the kids instead?" And that,my friends, is why I love this man. I know I have said it a million times but the truth remains the same...he really is the sweetest, kindest, most loving husband, father and friend any girl could ask for.

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you for 3 wonderful years, 2 perfect babies, and 1 beautiful life :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

As promised, here is our birthday weekend recap! We started with Grandma Mueller's big day on Saturday and it was TONS of fun. Addie made sure Grandma knew she was thinking about her...

And then we ran around the yard...

And ate a sucker...

And played with Uncle Ryan...

And smooched Uncle Ryan...

But then it was time for dinner! Mamacita requested lasagna and I made my best attempt using Eric's mom's recipe. I think it turned out pretty well!

And after a nice suppy, it was on to birthday cake. BUT...since banana splits are my mom's FAVORITE dessert, I decided to switch things up a bit.

Yes...that is a "1" candle, but I couldn't exactly put 54 candles on this little sunday :-) Plus, if I just put a "1", you can multiply it by any age. So...we celebrated Mom's 21st birthday again. Ha!

I am not sure how my mom managed to escape all these pictures, but I assure you...she was having a blast eating her sunday, playing with Addie and watching LPGA golf on TV with Eric. She was in heaven :)

And then on Sunday, it was time to celebrate Nia's 2nd Birthday!!!! We headed down to our beach club for the day and the kids had a blast. 

We started on the swings... 

And then moved on to the slide...

And then it was piniata time!!

Which was then followed by a large sugar rush. Perfect!

And while the birthday girl was on her sugar high, she spotted her cake!

But not just any cake...her Barney cake!

One of the first songs Nia learned to sing was "Happy Birthday" and she literally sings it all year. So when a big group of people decided to sing HER Happy Birthday, can imagine her excitement...

After cake and lunch it was time for the beach!! We started in the sand, of course...

And then Daddy insisted she try the water. Well...after these fall-like days, the water was a bit chilly...

So it was back to the sand!

I think all of us are still trying to catch up from this fun weekend but was worth it! And the celebrating doesn't stop there because our Anniversary is tomorrow! Woohoo! I hope your weekend was as much fun as ours!!