Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

As promised, here is our birthday weekend recap! We started with Grandma Mueller's big day on Saturday and it was TONS of fun. Addie made sure Grandma knew she was thinking about her...

And then we ran around the yard...

And ate a sucker...

And played with Uncle Ryan...

And smooched Uncle Ryan...

But then it was time for dinner! Mamacita requested lasagna and I made my best attempt using Eric's mom's recipe. I think it turned out pretty well!

And after a nice suppy, it was on to birthday cake. BUT...since banana splits are my mom's FAVORITE dessert, I decided to switch things up a bit.

Yes...that is a "1" candle, but I couldn't exactly put 54 candles on this little sunday :-) Plus, if I just put a "1", you can multiply it by any age. So...we celebrated Mom's 21st birthday again. Ha!

I am not sure how my mom managed to escape all these pictures, but I assure you...she was having a blast eating her sunday, playing with Addie and watching LPGA golf on TV with Eric. She was in heaven :)

And then on Sunday, it was time to celebrate Nia's 2nd Birthday!!!! We headed down to our beach club for the day and the kids had a blast. 

We started on the swings... 

And then moved on to the slide...

And then it was piniata time!!

Which was then followed by a large sugar rush. Perfect!

And while the birthday girl was on her sugar high, she spotted her cake!

But not just any cake...her Barney cake!

One of the first songs Nia learned to sing was "Happy Birthday" and she literally sings it all year. So when a big group of people decided to sing HER Happy Birthday, can imagine her excitement...

After cake and lunch it was time for the beach!! We started in the sand, of course...

And then Daddy insisted she try the water. Well...after these fall-like days, the water was a bit chilly...

So it was back to the sand!

I think all of us are still trying to catch up from this fun weekend but was worth it! And the celebrating doesn't stop there because our Anniversary is tomorrow! Woohoo! I hope your weekend was as much fun as ours!!


  1. My birthday was fabulous! What would I do without a daughter like you. I love you so much!

  2. You were right! That little one does not like to wear clothes! LOL

  3. Lots of fun.. Happy Birthday to your mom and Nia

  4. You guys are celebrating fools!
    Looks like fun!
    Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

  5. The birthday dinner looks delicious! Happy birthday to your mom!

  6. Thanks everyone - it was a great birthday!


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