Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dreaming of Fall

I am not going to lie...I am already dreaming of Fall. I know everyone is trying desperately to hang on to the last days of summer but I am over the heat. I like 80 degree weather for the months of June and July...then I am pretty much done. But in true Illinois fashion, we had fall-like weather in June, and we will most likely have hot summer-like weather for September. That's just how it goes. But I am still dreaming of sweaters, boots and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I sincerely hope those days aren't too far away :-)

So as I sit here day dreaming of fall, I realize that my list of summer goals should be complete by now. Right? In May, I posted about my summer plans/goals and I am shocked at how many I actually did accomplish (and am not so shocked by how many I didn't). Let's revisit shall we?

1. Spend lots of time at our beach club playing in the sand

Well...we didn't spend lots of time (because of the weather) but we did make it there!

2. Spend lots of time playing in the yard.


Most of the time was spent in here...

3. Spend lots of time swimming with Audrey, Brennan and Nia at Aunt Sue's pool.

Again...not a lot of time...but we made it there!

4. Help Daddy in his garden

I wouldn't call what we did "help" exactly, but Addie ran around the garden and I brought the vegetables in the house. Oh who am I kidding...I didn't even do that. Daddy did. Whoops!

5. Have lots of playdates with all of Addie's friends.




And check...
There was NO shortage of playdates this summer :-)

And for my personal goals/plans

6. Write a book

Well...I actually started writing two different books this summer, but didn't come close to finishing either one. But they are there and still in the works. Some day they will BOTH be finished. I just went ahead and got pregnant so other things preoccupied my mind this summer. You goal #7.

7. Transition Addie to her big girl room and get her to love her new crib


And complete Blake's nursery.

The bookshelf is almost done I swear :-)

Gosh...looking back on the summer makes me realize we DID do a lot! I am so amazed at how fast time goes. We still have one more weekend of summer fun and it is sure to be a good one. All I have to say is birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays :-) has everyone else's summer been so far? Did you accomplish all the plans/goals you made for yourself?


  1. Oh I am SO ready for Fall too! But I am somewhat bias since it is my favorite season. Plus, it has been very humid in Ohio the last two weeks!

  2. You have done great! I love Addies little crib setup! So cute!

  3. Awwww.great photos.. Looks like you are ahead in the storage solution contest.. Have fun.

  4. You have been a busy lady this summer! :)


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