Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mamacita!!

As you all know, my mama is one hard worker. Even "retired", she spends most of her time sewing, playing and helping out with Addie, and working on various home projects I hire her for. So this year, I wanted her to have the most special birthday ever because she deserves it. And you know what...I think she has had one pretty awesome birthday week...and it isn't over yet!

For starters, she has woken up every morning to her favorite drink...

Not because someone made it for her, but because she grabbed one on the way to...

She got tickets over a year ago and has been able to go every day this week (despite the weather). She has had an exciting time watching all of her favorite LPGA players, like Christina Kim, practice and prepare for the big tournament this weekend...

It turns out that my Mom got herself the best birthday gift she could have asked for...a week of golf and fun. And while I am not sure that the lasagna dinner and gifts we have planned for her tonight are going to compare...I think this little munchkin will beat out any golf tournament. Look...she even picked her flowers! 

Okay...she picked herself flowers. But that's okay...there are plenty more treats to come :-)

I hope you have a FANTASTIC time at the Solheim Cup today mama! You deserve it. Happy Birthday and see ya tonight! Love you!!!


  1. Dunkin Donuts = PERFECT birthday! I wish we had them here!
    Happy Birthday to your mama!

  2. It's been a FANTASTIC birthday week. Of course my favorite part of it is spending it with my family but if I have one thing to do outside of that it would be golf. Although I haven't played a round all week I have watched and witnessed the most incredible golf in the world of women's golf!!! Could not have had a better 55th birthday!!!! It will surely be one to remember for a long time! But the best present BY FAR is a hug from my little peanut Addison!!! One day Grammacita is going to teach her to golf so I have a lifetime partner!!


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