Friday, August 21, 2009

In Honor of Fall...

In honor of this beautiful Fall-like Friday, I thought I would share some cute pics of my baby girl sporting her favorite piece of fall clothing...her pink hoodie. Accept no substitutes :-)

Oh, and these adorable pics are brought to you by Uncle Ryan photography :-)

I love that little ruffle butt :-) 

As I said yesterday, we have two very exciting birthday celebrations coming up so stay tuned for some weekend birthday wishes. Enjoy the day everyone!!

P.S. Thank you all SO MUCH for voting at Babycheapskate. I heart you all :-)


  1. Adorable pictures!!! It's hotter than blazes here in New England.

  2. I like the ruffle too. My stepdaughter brought home a new Juicy Couture shirt today with puckers sleeves.. Oh the 80's.. love them...


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