Monday, August 31, 2009

Maternity Monday

Today is August 31st, which means I have exactly 4 months until my December 31st due date. AHH!! How can I only have 4 months left? On one hand, I feel like I have been pregnant forever, and on the other hand, I feel like it is all going by so fast! These next 4 months are going to FLY by, especially since my favorite season (Fall), my birthday (October), my brother's wedding (November) and my favorite holiday (Christmas) are all crammed in those 4 months. Every month is going to be more fun than the next and I can't wait!! is my belly at 23 weeks.

Addie is finally starting to notice my bump and she could not resist being in both pictures. Guess I should have combed her hair and put her in a cute outfit or something. HA!

And...since my due date will be here before I know it (and so will my birthday...hint hint), I thought I would list some items I simply can't go to the hospital without this time. Like...

This B.Y.O.G. hospital gown! Look familiar? That's because Tori Spelling wore it in the hospital when she had Stella. SO freaking cute. I think I deserve that for my c-section :-) Although, my mom could probably make it too. Ha!

Or this comfy cardigan sweater from Anthropologie. It's a little cuter than a robe and I can see myself wearing this all winter snuggling with my kiddies.

And because I am TOTALLY grossed out by walking around barefoot in a hospital, I absolutely NEED these knew Classic Argyle Sweater Ugg boots.

Yes...I have very expensive maternity taste :-) But hey...every mama needs a little luxury right? Do you have your eye on an outrageously expensive item that you know you can't afford, but you secretly think about getting anyway? Or better yet...have you already started thinking up an excuse about why you HAVE to have this item?


  1. Love the pics!! I absolutely had to have a peanut shell or hotsling, so I bought one, the most expensive one... I have used it 2 times. it was a waste!!! But then again I probably wasn't wearing it right. And I never leave my house long enough to need it.

  2. This is the one and only crazy expensive thing in my closet: I absolutely fell in love with it this January and still had a little over $200 in Macys gift cards from our wedding... Brandon said I could buy it as it was 40% off and just under $300. *gasp* I still can't believe it's in my closet. I would LOVE to have this: As the color matches the inside of my bag... But, that'll never happen! :0) My current wallet is falling apart... So, maybe I'll buy one of your mom's as the things she sews will hold together than this astronomically expensive stuff anyway! ;0)

    Oh, I just realized that's not maternity stuff... Oh well! I don't need that stuff yet!

  3. Your bump is soooo tiny! and cute!

    and i've been trying to convince myself that I need a Flip HD recorder.... since BF and I are apart... I'm convinced I need one to help me document my life :)

  4. Andrea - I bought a Hotsling too with Addie and used it twice!!! Haha! Then I gave it to Dana and she used it once. So I guess that was like $20 a use or something? So sad :-)

    Chelsi - Your Coach bag is AWESOME!!!! My mom and I have a secret Coach addiction. I could never really afford them but I would always talk her into buying them so I could borrow. Hehe. And your item did not have to be maternity. That sweater and pair of Ugg boots are so not maternity, but I like using my pregnancy/motherhood as an excuse for why I NEED these items. I really can't get my mind off those boots.

    Rachel - Just do it honey! An HD recorder is actually a practical luxury item, especially because in my opinion...memories are priceless. Look up a website called B&H...they have the best electronic deals around.

  5. Your bump is so cute.

    I love that hospital gown. I may have to get one for my sis in law.

  6. The next 4 months ARE going to fly by! The cloths you picked are so cute! I’m scared to get preggo in the winter because I have all the clothes for the summer! But these are so super cute cloths for the fall!!

  7. You have great taste. :) You should get the gown for sure!
    I wore my own through the whole labor, then they made me change for the c-section. Uh, that defeats the whole! Rude nurses.


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