Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Next Youtube Wedding Video?

It was more family fun for Eric and I this weekend, but this time it was at a wedding! It was hotter than a mother &%$#er on Saturday, but luckily this outdoor evening wedding was blessed with a nice breeze. And as you will see from the one minded the heat anyway :-)

Here is a quick picture of Eric's cousin Sara...cute as a button.

And here is Eric's other cousin, Jenny, the beautiful bride.

And of course,  a wedding recap wouldn't be complete without a picture of the back of the bride's dress. I am so obsessed with wedding gowns :-)

Jenny and Bryan gave the most touching, heartfelt vows I have ever heard at a wedding. So touching, in fact, that the two had most people in tears. Then they sealed the deal with a big old Hollywood kiss.

After the sappy stuff was over, the party began. We headed inside for the most well rehearsed first dance I have ever witnessed at a wedding. Jenny and Bryan are both in Theater and I knew that they wouldn't let those talents go to waste. Once the theme song for "Beauty and the Beast" started, I knew we were in for a treat. From start to finish, the bride and groom danced the EXACT ballroom dance from the Disney movie. Facial expressions and all. I saw a few video cameras rolling and I have a good feeling it will make its way to Youtube very soon :-)

After the big performance, we stopped for a quick family pic (minus the kiddies)

I was too occupied with food for the rest of the reception so I only snapped one more picture at the end of the night. This picture is cropped a little funny because my skirt wasn't exactly...ahhmm...placed properly. And I wasn't even drinking!!!

It has been one big family fest these last few weeks and I am shocked to say that we don't have ANY family events planned this coming weekend! Gosh...what ever will I write about?


  1. The bride is beautiful! And you look fantastic! Pregnancy looks great on you! :)

  2. How fun. I am so jealous of all your family get togethers!
    You are looking radient. Exposed legs and all. :)


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