Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Night Off

Because school starts in TWO WEEKS, I thought it would be a good idea to take the night off from blogging and get my syllabus together. But before I go do that, I just wanted to share a few super cute school supply items I just got from one of my favorite online stores, See Jane Work. I honestly think I became a teacher just so I had an excuse to buy new school supplies every year :-)

Multi-Task Notebook

I have a really hard time finding grade/assignment books that aren't geared towards elementary teachers. The reason I love this notebook is because there is plenty of space for notes, it has a weekly/monthly planner AND grid pages for recording grades. I don't think it is necessarily meant for teachers, but it works great for me. It really is a multi-tasker :-)

Semikolon Striped Document File

These document files are an English Teacher's best friend. They are great for collecting papers and bringing them to and from class. And at only $5 each, you can get them in every color :-)

Shaped Paper Clips

I am a total sucker for fun paper clips (I blame this on my mom) and these are just about as cute as the come! Be sure to check out their whole "clips" section because they have lots of fun ones to chose from.

BUT...beware of the Bone Paper Clip...

My mom bought us a pack of these to share last year and at first sight, they are ADORABLE!!! But once they are clipped to a piece of paper...well...they look like a different bone. Use your imagination when you look at the picture and you will know what I mean. Not very professional and yet I attached at least 5 of these to student papers before I realized this flaw. Whoops!

Okay...off to work! Have a great, productive night everyone!


  1. Sorry about buying the bone paper clips - who knew????

  2. Ok, why, why, why would you post more things I want to buy!?!? :P LOL. Thanks for showing me yet another website I will surf for hours. ;)


    A different bone. hahahahhahahaha.

  4. I kindof want to buy the bone clips, give them to the hubs and see if he will use them without noticing...hummm. I am so nice. :)
    Hope you got alot done tonight!

  5. I love school supplies!!! The bone paper clips are too funny!

  6. I just checked out the website and I love it! I want to buy everything!

  7. That website is amazing. I love cute school supplies. I have a drawer of cute notepads, etc. It would take me years to use all I have but they are just so irresistible!

  8. HAHA... I totally agree with being a teacher so you have an excuse to buy new supplies each year! I have used those adorable paper clips too and have found that they are a lot more cute to look at than use. I would also hoard my favs and they would just sit in my desk never being used :)


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