Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Did Kids Do Before Popsicles?

It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny summer day and Eric's Aunt Sue invited us all over for a swim. Dana and Katie and I thought the kids would be all about the water but as you can see, they were much more interested in other random activities.

Take Nia and Addie, for example, who would rather watch the dogs in the yard than swim in the pool...

And then there is Audrey, who preferred digging around in the plant instead of swimming in the pool...

But Brenna had the right idea. He said, "Screw swimming...I want me a popsicle."

And then of course...Addie wanted one too...

And so did Audrey...

I think this was the highlight of their whole day which makes me wonder...what did kids do before popsicles? 


  1. Popsicles are delish! I just got a popsicle tray to make them. I made some with yogurt, fruit and protien powder so I could get some nutrients in my kid, and it totally worked!

  2. Just found your adorable blog & wanted to say hello! Your daughter is so cute!


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