Friday, September 25, 2009

26 Weeks & Big Old Belly

I noticed today that my pregnancy countdown ticker says 97 days left!!! I am in the double digits!! I know these next three months are going to fly by, especially with the holidays right around the corner. But I am trying to really enjoy this part of my pregnancy because now that Blake is the size of an eggplant...

I can feel ALL of his kicks and movements. His favorite time to kick is when I am holding Addie. It's like he already knows to pick on his big sister. Ha!

And my belly is growing bigger by the day. I am amazed at the difference just from my 24 week picture! And I still have 3 more months to go. AH!!!

But the cute/fun things about having a bigger belly are:

* People actually know I am pregnant now, instead of just wondering if I ate one too many salami sandwiches :-)

* Eric sees that I am bigger and therefore more uncomfortable so the back rubs and foot rubs come more freely :-)

* And best of all...Addie is noticing my bigger belly and she loves rubbing and kissing it. I am not sure that she understands that there is a baby in there, but she is interested nonetheless :-)

Well I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! I get to teach, clean, relax and attend another bridal shower. Hopefully the weather will be better than it is today. Oh, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!!! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. There is a big difference, but you still look great!!! Like you said, I hated that stage where it looks like you've just ate too much. Have a great weekend!

  2. You're showing! :) I swear this is the first picture where it actually looks like you have a baby bump!! And it looks like the only place you are pregnant is in your belly! Your legs are sticks still! :)

    So excited for you!

  3. Definitely a difference! Don't worry, in a good way! Blake had a little growth spurt. You look so cute pregnant!

  4. Big difference in the best way! You look wonderful. I loved when I got to that firm belly, I am definitely pregnant stage!

  5. You look so great!! And yes you def didn't eat a big sandwich....def a little boy in there.

  6. You look fantastic! How cute you are :) I love that Addie is interested...I can't wait to hear about how she is when he finally gets here! She is going to be a great big sister!

  7. Lovely! I just love the bump... I want to be one of those annoying people that rubs your belly like it's a magic genie or something... Please? I just rubbed my SIL's belly for the first time today. I got her The Belly Book, so I'm officially the photographer of her ever growing belly. :)

    She may give you a run for your money for being the cutest preggo ever... but I'm pretty sure it'll be a tie.


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