Monday, September 14, 2009

Upcoming Giveaway!

Even though it has felt a lot like summer around here the past few days, the calendar doesn't lie. Fall is here and winter isn't far behind. Last fall and winter, I wasn't concerned about how to entertain Addie indoors because she was perfectly content siting on the floor playing with toys or crawling around the house exploring. She wasn't obsessed with being outside and playing in the yard. It seems these days, the only thing that does entertain her (besides climbing on all of my furniture) is sitting at her little table playing with puzzles or coloring.

Unfortunately, when it comes to coloring, we haven't come close to mastering the art of "staying in the lines". Heck...we haven't even mastered the art of staying on the page :-) But I found an excellent solution to that problem. A while back, I stumbled across an awesome product.

This clamp on paper center by Guidecraft fits on any table...including kid's tables! It also works on the floor, in case things get a little too messy. It has a child-safe cutter and you can purchase extra paper rolls. I can already picture Addie sitting in her room coloring and drawing her first masterpiece :-)

And to help her create her masterpiece, I thought these Melissa and Doug jumbo triangular crayons were perfect!

They are non-toxic, bigger and stronger than regular crayons and the best part...they won't roll off the table! Genius!!! I think every kid needs a set of these in their stocking this year :-)

Now...I know I am not the only parent out there worried about what to do with their kids indoors this winter so I thought it would be fantastic to not only review these great items for all of you, but also give them both away to one lucky reader!!!! That's right friends...thanks to the good folks at, I will be giving away a Guidecraft clamp on paper center AND a package of Melissa and Doug jumbo triangular crayons!!!

I will be reviewing these items soon so be sure to check back so you can enter the giveaway! And in the mean time, I highly recommend you check out the All Children's Furniture website because they have ADORABLE stuff at unbeatable prices. Seriously. They even beat Amazon on many prices and that is pretty impressive to me. I mean...if you were to win this clamp on paper center, you will need a cute little table for your kids to work on! They have a great selection of adorable kids chairs and tables and if you place your order this week...they are offering a 10% discount!! Gotta love a great deal!


  1. Love the paper center! I will be keeping my eye out for this giveaway for sure!

  2. awww what a cute little room!

  3. I LOVE that paper center. I will be buying one if I am not lucky enough to win.

    I will keep my eyes peeled.


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