Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Hula Girl

When my Aunt Kathy came back from Hawaii a few weeks ago, she surprised Addie with this authentic Hula girl costume complete with coconut bra and everything!! When I saw it...I knew she HAD to be this for Halloween. It isn't practical for outdoor trick-or-treating, but it was PERFECT for her Baby Bees Party today!! I tried getting a few full-body pics, but she just couldn't stand still in this thing. She just wanted to Hula!

We did manage to slip her socks on before Baby Bees, but not without a fight. See the face?

Not my best picture, but she would only stand still long enough to take one if I was holding her.

Or if Grandma was. Here they are stretching out before class :-)

And here she is jumping around again to the Halloween song.

The mini rollercaoster was her favorite activity today. But it was a little hard in the grass skirt so that came off soon after.

And here is Addie with her two cute teachers. They are both so much fun :-)

Now it is time for us to gear up for the big day tomorrow. We have another costume and another fun filled afternoon of activities. I love Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Little Pumpkin Carving

Considering Halloween is only a few days away, I thought it was finally time to carve our little pumpkins today. Grandpa Mueller came to help...but Addie ended up making him do the majority of the work. Ha!

She was totally grossed out by the pumpkin guts after just one handful, so Grandpa showed her how to scoop...

And then she took a shot at it herself...

In the end, her little pumpkin baby was guts-free and ready to be carved...

Obviously, Grandpa and I took control of the carving knives :-) We aren't the most creative pumpkin carvers in the world, but I think our little faces turned out pretty cute.

And they look even cuter lit up...

Addie insisted on being the one to blow the candles out tonight so we let her at it. She even knew how the tops went back on. What a little cutie pie.

Tomorrow is our first day of dress-up at our Baby Bees Halloween party so I will be sure to post pics of her in costume #1. Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 5 Scariest Movies Ever...According to Jen

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would share my list of Top 5 Scariest movies ever...according to me anyway. Now, LOTS of movies scare the crap out of me, but few leave me with actual phobias. So my first award goes to...

Stephen King's It

As if I needed one more reason to freaking hate clowns. This movie left me scared to death for months and I remember refusing to go to my grandma's house because she had a clown collection. Talk about peeing in my pants.


Thanks to this movie, I no longer want to visit Europe...or stay in a Hostel...or see another power drill. That's all I'm sayin.

The Ring

Okay...maybe I am a total wuss...but this movie really scared me! I was not able to sleep for a few nights in a row and even though I ALWAYS fell asleep with the TV on...I refused to any longer. In fact, I still blame this movie for making me scared of TVs.


And speaking of hating TVs!!! This movie gives me chills just thinking about it! This is a total Halloween classic if you ask me. I couldn't see static on TV, hear the National Anthem or go within 10 feet of my closet at night for most of my childhood. Thanks Spielberg.

The Exorcist

I know lots of movies make fun of The Exorcist, but I happen to find it totally and completely terrifying!! There isn't one thing about it in particular. It is just down right horrifying! And not that I liked it before, but I can no longer eat pea soup.

So...what are your top 5 scariest movies of all time? I am surely missing some I would like to add to my list. Are there any that still scare you even as an adult?

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Monday, October 26, 2009

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

A few years ago, before Addie was even a sparkle in our eye, I found a great gift set of Charlie Brown movies at Barnes and Noble. The set includes, "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown", "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and...

I had actually never seen "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" before I bought the set, but Addie and I watched it today and it is just as adorable as all the other Charlie Brown movies!! And if you don't feel like going out and buying it, ABC is playing it tomorrow night at 8/7c. I think Addie and I will curl up with a glass of milk and watch it before bed tomorrow :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 Crazy Twilight Moms

My BFs Linsey and Tara and I all share a love of the Twilight Saga. Now, none of us have driven to Vancouver to stalk the set, nor have we written Robert Pattinson any crazy fan mail, but I know we have all thought about it. Ha! And with the movie only weeks away...I think it is safe to say that we are all getting pretty excited.

For Linsey's birthday, I bought her a "Team Edward" t-shirt as sort of a joke. But then...we though it might be kind of fun to actually wear them to the movie! So, Linsey repaid the favor for me with this maternity t-shirt. Isn't it so cute?

Are we a little obsessed? Yes. Do we feel bad about it? Absolutely not. We are "Twilight Moms" as they say and proud of it. I know we won't be the only 20/30 something women in the theater opening day BUT...we may be the only ones sporting New Moon t-shirts. Oh well...between our spirit and my baby bump...we should move right to the front of the line :-) Tara...better go to or Nordstroms and pick out your top!

Friday, October 23, 2009

You Want Me to What?

I have a pregnancy confession...I am totally and completely addicted to sugar lately. I try to restrain myself and even go so far as buying more fruit and sugar-free snacks to avoid my temptations. But it hasn't helped, and I know why. It is OCTOBER and things like...

Halloween candy... 

Taffy apples...

And cookies...

ARE EVERYWHERE! So when my doctor suggested I try to cut back on sugar, I responded with "You want me to what?". Now, overall I have only gained 14 pounds which I don't think is too bad for being 30 weeks pregnant. I think I was around the same with Addie. BUT...I gained about 6 of that in ONE MONTH! I still maintain, however, that (a) the scale was off, (b) I had just eaten lunch and therefore weighed more and (c) was wearing my heavy boots. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. 

Anyway, ever since the doctor said that to me, I decided I better watch my sugar intake because I know I am completely guilty of overdoing it lately. This was two weeks ago and I have to be weighed tomorrow morning at my next appointment. YIKES! I do think I cut back a lot this week with the all-day candy munching, but I still wasn't a good as I wanted to be. I am sure the scale will be another wake up call tomorrow. 

So...since I am trying to watch sugar in the middle of the holidays, I would LOVE some sugar-free or sugar-light snack ideas. You know...things that will make me feel like I am splurging on holiday treats, but not actually doing it. Is there such a thing? I am going to search out some recipes and see if I can find anything good. I will be sure to share those recipes if they exist. Ha!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

30 Weeks & A Scheduled Arrival

Here it is big old belly at 30 weeks!!!

I seriously don't know where the time is going. I have been pregnant for 7 months now! That is just crazy. I felt like my last 4 months of pregnancy with Addison just dragged on. But this time, I can't even keep up with my weekly belly pics! Luckily, The Bump is pretty great about sending my weekly reminders. Turns out Mr. Blake is about 3 pounds now and is about the size of a large squash. Seems appropriate for Fall :-)

Overall, I am still feeling pretty good! I do get freaked out daily thinking about having two little peanuts to take care of but at the same time, I can't wait to see Blake's little face! And now that I have officially SCHEDULED MY C-SECTION...I know he will be here in just a little over two months. Yikes! Unless he decides to come early, Blake will be here the morning of December 28th. This works out great for us because it means Christmas at home, a few days to get the house back in order AND we will still be home to celebrate New Years Eve as one big happy family. Now...let's see if this little munchkin decides to stay put that long. I know his stubborn big sister did. Ha! So mark your calendars friends!

And speaking of scheduled c-sections, my cousin Krissy (who is pregnant with twins) just scheduled her date. November 11th!!! Poor Krissy is just miserable right now and can't wait to meet her two little surprises. I have a feeling she is cooking a boy and a girl, but we shall see soon enough! If you want to head over to her blog and read about her pregnancy journey, click here.

Well that's all for me folks! Hope you have a great night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Miss About High School

When my old college BF Heidi asked me to help her judge dance try-outs at her high school tonight, I couldn't say yes fast enough. For starters, I haven't seen Heidi in a long time and this was a great excuse to get together. Also, I like any reason to reminisce about my "glory days" as a dancer :-)

(Picture taken in 2006...I am no longer that blonde, tan or thin....but Heidi still is!)

So I watched these high school girls dance...I realized there are several things that I miss about being in high school. Here they are in no particular order:

1. I miss my high school figure. These girls were fit, tan and just overall adorable. And I overheard one of them say that they wanted a chocolate cake shake from Portillos. My ass grows just thinking about a chocolate cake shake.

2. I miss having only two financial responsibilities: Gas money and clothes.

3. I miss my high school job. It was at a dry cleaners and I literally sat in the back with my friend Tiffany every night talking about boys, listening to the radio, doing homework, etc. We were lucky if 5 customers came in every night. So basically, we got paid $6 an hour to hang out and talk.

4. I miss high school activities in general. Dancing on a team, being in clubs, going to proms and homecomings, etc.

5. NERD ALERT! I miss learning. I miss taking classes, learning new things, working on projects, researching, etc. I know I am learning PLENTY as a mom, but I miss classroom-style learning. I guess that is why I became a teacher :-)

Now...along with all the things that I miss about being in high school, there are 5 things I don't miss as well. And they are:

1. Drama

2. Drama

3. Drama

4. Drama

5. And most of all....DRAMA!

Oh wait...I guess you don't have to be in high school to experience that. Ha! So...what do you all of you miss or NOT miss about high school?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Family Pics

When I was making my new Fall blog page, I realized that the last family pic that Eric and Addie and I took together was LAST Thanksgiving! When this dawned on me, I called Uncle Ryan immediately to book a photo shoot. Even though all of our schedules have been crazy, we lucked out last Sunday when all of us were together AND the weather was beautiful! Chicago weather hasn't been the greatest lately so I am really glad we took advantage of the day because Uncle Ryan got some ADORABLE shots as always. See for yourself :-)

Here are my 3 favorite family shots...

And some of my favorite Addie action shots...

The few close-ups we managed to get of her when she stopped moving...

Addie and Mama...

Addie and Dada looking at the water...

And Addie thanking Uncle Ryan for taking such beautiful pictures...

Thanks again Ry! You never let me down as a photographer...or a brother. Love ya!

Now...time to change around my blog banner and figure out which pictures to use for a Christmas card!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Loot

This weekend I celebrated my birthday one last time with my in-laws and it was a fabulous way to end my week-long birthday celebration. Now...don't go thinking I am one of those girls that turns her birthday into a week-long celebration every year (that only happened on my 21st). This was due to scheduling conflicts with the family :-) And speaking of is my darling, workahaloic hubby. He is lucky he is so damn cute :-)

I begged everyone not to sing...

But Nia absolutely insisted. You know, "Happy Birthday" is her favorite song :-)

And here are my girls helping me make my final birthday wish this year.

So...lets get to the good stuff shall we? I guess I must have dropped a lot of birthday hints about my Ugg Boots because several of you have left comments asking if I got them. The answer is...No. family knows me all too well and because I can sometimes be a bit indecisive about what I really want, they decided the way to go was money and/or gift cards :-) My mother-in-law also knew that at Macy's...I could get the boots if I still wanted them OR get something else. You this COLE HAAN PURSE!!

Isn't it beautiful?!! This was technically a gift from her and my brothers because even though I got an UNBELIEVABLE deal on this bag thanks to a Columbus Day is, after all, a Cole Haan :-) I am seriously such a purse whore.

And speaking of my family knowing me all to well, my SIL Dana knew that I would need a few essentials after the baby arrives. One of which is a great pair of Spanx!

Baby/mommy essentials actually seemed to be the theme of this birthday so my mom, who knew that I was on the hunt for a blue and white polka dot bath robe to match the pink and white polka dot bathrobe I wore in the hospital with Addie, found one and gave it to me as a surprise! I couldn't find a pic of it in the blue, but here it is in pink. It is SO COZY!!

And because you can never have too many cute coffee cups, my mom found me this one. So true isn't it?

I also got a TON of other great surprises from everyone and I think it is safe to say that I was SPOILED this year!! But thanks to my hubby, the spoiling doesn't stop at my birthday. Him and Addie gave me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble (my favorite place to go alone and sit and read with a big old coffee) which I will use after I go for my amazing mani and pedi!!! Eric knew the way to my heart this year. I told him all I wanted was a little "relaxation" and that is what he gave me :-) Gotta love him!