Monday, October 12, 2009

Addie Guest Post

Hello friends...Addie here. I am blogging to you live from my bedroom.

Mommy asked that I be a guest poster today because she is SO TIRED after her fun birthday yesterday. I think she over did it on the Dairy Queen ice cream cake if you ask me :-)

But come to think of it...I am pretty tired today too! Aside from not taking a nap at all yesterday, I also helped mommy open all of her presies...

I ate off everyone's plate at the big kid table...

I begged Grandma and Uncle Ryan for a drink of their water repeatedly...hey...I was thirsty!

And then I took turns sitting on everyone's lap. Uncle Adam got to go last :-)

Whew! I think it is safe to say that mama and I had a great time at her birthday! I think it is mama's naptime though so I better go run and put her down. Ha ha! Until next time bloggy friends!


  1. She is so cute in her little pig tails!! That cake looks awesome!!

  2. Glad to hear mama had a good birthday! :)

  3. Addie did a great job blogging...following in her mama's footsteps!!! Love her sitting at her little computer!

  4. That first picture of her made me LOL! I scared the cat! The look on Addie's face is priceless! You have to share what you GOT for your birthday! I'm anxiously awaiting! Uggs? Fun Maternity stuff? A Pez Dispenser? *ha*

  5. Love the picture of her at her computer and with her hands clasped begging! She's so precious! You look fantastic too!


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